Roc-isms, Part IV

“What would you do want for fruit tonight Roc?”

“I would like to have kiweed.”

“Do you mean kiwi?”

“No Ki-WEED!  I want Ki-WEED!!”


“Mommy, that thing (the nebulizer) is vibernating.”


“Mommy, I like you because I like your smile.”

“Wow, thanks Roc, I like your smile too.”

“I also like your hands.”


(while sitting on GC’s lap watching him play a computer game)

“I like wizards…and guys with hammers and swords.”


“I would like to go the the steak park beach.”


(comes into the kitchen with a blanket over his shoulders and wrapped around him)

“Look Mommy, I got married!”


“Roc, are you excited to go to school on Monday?”

“Yes…when is the end of the school year party?”


4 thoughts on “Roc-isms, Part IV

  1. I love this! so cute. My favorite is the kiwi one. Just had a similar argument with my son. He wanted to know what “algeed” tasted like. He meant “algae” but refused to listen when I corrected him and was mad for the rest of the car ride. Thanks for sharing these. Can I tell you how much I love reading your posts?? You have a special way of writing. Thank you.

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