The Fire House

On our last night in South Carolina we decided to go down to the fire house and see Uncle G, GC’s youngest brother, who is a fire fighter and EMT.  A few years ago, on another trip to South Carolina, we took the Roc to see his Uncle at the fire house.  I cannot find any pictures of the event but from what I remember the Roc wasn’t engaged, wouldn’t get near the fire truck, didn’t want to sit atop the rescue wave runner or boat, just didn’t enjoy the visit.  I know I felt some disappointment over the visit.  Time and growth do amazing things for my boy.

This trip was a complete 180.

He looked, he listened, he held the hose and wore the hat (if only for the briefest minute), he climbed in and out of the fire truck, the ambulance, the boat.  He completely enjoyed himself.  I did too.

Thanks for a great tour Uncle G and for letting the Roc get in and out of all the different vehicles over and over again!


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