He’s 6!

The Roc turned six years old last week while we were in South Carolina.  We celebrated with Nonna, Nonno, Auntie Andrea, and his cousins.  He wanted a batman party,

a castle cake,

and a street sweeper.

A street sweeper?

Yes, my boy loves the street sweeper that comes through our neighborhood.  I searched the internet and found a Tonka street sweeper that looked like it might fit the Roc’s desire, but I wasn’t quite sure until one night I was comparing the Tonka to a Kmart version when the Roc walked up behind me (such stealthy quiet feet!) and asked “What is that Mommy?  What kind of truck is that?”  When I told him it was a toy street sweeper he said he wanted it.


How often does the Roc ask for a toy?  Almost never.  During the last week of summer school I found one at Toys R Us and excitedly wrapped it that night.  I wondered how the Roc would react when he opened it.

He was pretty excited and seemed a little shocked!  He got to playing with it right away.

Awhile later GC looked at me and said “He’s really playing right now.  Do you see that?  He’s playing.  Appropriately.  With a toy.”

Yup, we’re starting to see a bit more of that lately.  Play.



8 thoughts on “He’s 6!

  1. Hooray indeed!!

    If your ever looking to add to the roadsweeper collection Playmobil do one too, I think.

    This birthday for us, my son’s 7th, he asked for things too. A lego pizza van and a playmobil police car. Wonderful feeling, isn’t it?!!

    He looks so very happy, thanks for bringing a smile to my miserable face 😉

  2. Awww, that’s twice on one day you made me cry happy tears! The Roc is on a roll! (Heh, sorry, couldn’t resist!)

    Happy (belated) birthday to your sweet boy!

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