South Carolina…On Repeat

Three hours ago we arrived back home after a 10+ hour drive along interstate 95, with a few potty breaks, a couple stops for food, and 1 missed exit thrown in for good measure.  We were in South Carolina for the second time this summer.  The Roc is a good traveler and even though he said he didn’t want to leave (the first time he’s ever said that while down in SC!) this morning, I knew he would be happy to get back home.

He asked me before we left GC’s parents house if he could take a bath when we got home.  He said he wanted to play with his fountain toy.  He asked me again not 15 minutes later while on a back road near the their house.  Staring at the clock reading 7:28 am I knew this would be another long car ride filled with repeated questions.  He used to ask us his own version of “Are we there yet?” a couple years ago and came up with a new and much longer version this year.  We had this conversations many, many, many, many times today:

“Mommy?”  He pipes up from the back.

“Yes Roc?” I answer, ever obliging.

“What town are we in?”  He asks.

Sometimes I know and other times I say, “Let me see what the next sign says” and then I answer “Dunn” (or Micro, or Selma, or Colonial Heights, and one time I said “Cracker Barrel” because it was the first sign I saw and then GC admonished me and told the Roc what town we were really in.  I bet on the 15th time you would have fished around for an answer too!)

Then he will ask, “What comes after that?”

And I always answer,  “I don’t know, we’ll see when we get there and I can find a sign.”  (As a side note, we really should have a map in the car.  Not only for questions like these, but also for those detours we sometimes take when we miss exits.  But hey I got to see the Pentagon today and a glimpse of Arlington National Cemetery!  I’ve never been there before!  Maybe next time we’ll get out of the car and look around and maybe the driver won’t be so revved up too.)

Anyway, after my standard answer listed above the Roc’s voice will go up an octave and he will screech, “NO!!!  Virgina is next!” or “No!  Maryland is usually after Virginia!” and then we go on to list the order of the states and and how many we will have to traverse before arriving in Delaware (where?)

It was fun at first, and I giggled at the “usually” in his statement about Maryland, but after awhile it’s grating.

Besides repeated questions, do you know what else is just a tiny bit wearing during a 10+ hour car ride?



4 thoughts on “South Carolina…On Repeat

  1. LOL!!

    My daughter is all questions all the time it can drive one crazy!! We have a street directory in the car for our son, he loves to look at all the maps 🙂

    I enjoy reading your blod 😀

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