Break Time Over

I’ve been taking a blogging break since my little breakdown 2+ weeks ago.  I needed to unplug and attempt to regain my balance.  I started to write a few posts in the last couple weeks and eventually abandoned them, allowing myself to let go.  My writing energy was completely depleted, and that was/is okay.  Things are looking up around here lately.  The Roc got over a small respiratory illness, and the round of liquid steroids that caused him to be so off, have exited his system.  He’s been a bit more even this week, and so have I, imagine that!  Co-dependent much?

But I’m feeling better.  Much better.  GC and I have had some really good conversations lately.  About what we need to do for our family.  What we need to do for us.  How to best parent the Roc.  How to be present in this life we’ve created.  And we came up with a plan.  It’s something I have worked hard not to get too excited about over the years…and I have to wait awhile longer to share it with you, GC has made me promise.

I’ll share it soon.  For now, I’ll just say we are regaining our balance and getting back to middle ground and it feels good.


Thank you for all your kind comments, emails, and the phone calls.  What would I do without you?


8 thoughts on “Break Time Over

  1. I think the medicine-related behaviors and breakdowns must have migrated south. I’m kind of where I think you may have been. Can’t wait to read about your plan; we need to come up with a new one for our family, too.

  2. So sorry to hear you have been struggling 😦

    I hate it when my little ones are sick 😦 I pray you and your family get the rest you need

    Look forward to hearing about the good news for you and your family 🙂

  3. This is so very good to hear! I have been thinking of you, hoping it was one of those “darkest before the dawn” moments, and that things would improve. Please share the plan as soon as you both feel comfortable with it – I need all the ideas I can get!

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