Mickey Mouse Lives At Our House

It was Disney week during summer school this week.  Can you imagine my surprise when the Roc got off the bus wearing these ears (the child who immediately tears every hat from his head!) and with his face painted!  Not only does he refuse to wear hats and/or sunglasses, he despises any type of gel/lotion texture on his face!  We battle over sunscreen applications every day during the summer.

He wanted to “take it all off” as soon as he walked in the door.  I made him go outside for a picture first.  How cute is he?


6 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Lives At Our House

  1. WOW what a great photo!!

    My son and daughter both hate face paint,sun block, vitamin E cream you name it they hate it.

    We live in Sydney Australia and it gets really hot here so we need the sun block almost every day (not so much in winter) and It’s a battle every morning.

    I’m glade to see its not just “my” children lol

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