Guess Who’s Teething?

This morning I awoke at exactly 5:55 am with a little ball of dread lodged in my stomach.  While the rest of the house slept, Guinness and I headed out for our morning walk, trying not to trip on the cats who ran under foot hoping I would follow them to the basement and feed them.  The ball of dread came along and I thought about how I was to approach the morning.  The Roc had a dentist appointment at 9:15 am and I was worrying about how it would go.  Will I ever not worry?

I had mentioned the dentist appointment the night before and reminded him again when he woke up.  He reminded me that it was Wednesday and that he had swimming lessons.  To which I replied “The dentist AND swimming lessons!  Wow!  You are lucky!” and he smiled.  Off we went.

The Roc waited nicely in the waiting room, if you count bouncing in your chair, speedily swinging your legs, and repeatedly saying “It’s not the LOBBY, it’s the WAITING ROOM” in a singsong voice, over and over and over.  I was happy to see the same hygienist as the last visit, which went well – she was actually able to clean his teeth.  I was hoping for the same today.  She asked me to come back in the hallway and we spoke of his health, the 2 teeth he lost in the last 6 weeks, and then she mentioned she was going to try for some x-rays.  I smiled, waved bye-bye to the Roc, whispered “Good Luck!” to her, and then headed back to the lobby, I mean waiting room.  I was deeply engrossed in my new library book when the hygienist came back out to get me.

As we walked I asked her how he did and she smiled wide and said “GREAT!  He did even better than last time, I had read through my notes from our last visit early this morning and was looking forward to seeing him.  I cleaned and polished his teeth and was even able to x-ray the front.  I’ll wait until next time to do more x-rays, didn’t want to overwhelm him.  But he did great and I’m sure you noticed those permanent teeth coming through in the back?”



“He’s teething?”  I asked.  “Yup,” she said as she rounded the corner and walked into the space where the Roc lay back on the dental chair gazing out the window.   “Has he been a little bit irritable lately?”  She asked.

“Um…a little?  Try a LOT irritable!”  I blurted.

“Well, he probably hasn’t been too comfortable lately and that may have something to do with his attitude,”  she told me and then went on to show me the two bottom molars that are still partially covered by gum and the one on top that has started to break through.  The other one on the top hasn’t begun to break through, but it’s going to soon.  She showed me the x-rays and how his front teeth are coming out next, one of them loose already.  Then she had the Roc pick out a sticker and a new toothbrush and we were on our way.

I was so taken aback to learn about the permanent teeth coming in that I didn’t really digest the fact that he. did. great.  At the dentist.  Again.  I love that this office has been so accommodating to us, letting me bring him in to see the office and say hello before his first 2 visits, having a lot of patience with him, and not forcing things like cleanings and x-rays until he was comfortable.  This hygienist knew that getting 2 x-rays was all he could handle and she followed his lead.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Whether the 4 new molars ripping their way through his gums has anything to do with his attitude in recent weeks?  I’m guessing so.  But I know enough to know that it doesn’t explain it all away.  I think those teeth were the icing on his crabby cake, they may be what pushed him over the edge of his cranky cliff.  Only time will tell.


We survived day 2 of our 3 weeks of togetherness.  Yesterday (day 1) we went to Longwood Gardens (man am I glad I bought the season pass!) and had a fine time in weather that was so perfect it reminded me of summer in Minnesota.  Sunny, crystal blue skies, slight breeze lifting the green leaves, low humidity.  Did I say perfect yet?  I ached to be back home yesterday and thought of my Mom upon viewing every garden, she loves flowers and she adored Longwood when she was here visiting last fall.  The Roc spent most of the day like this,

only coming apart at the seams when we got home that afternoon.  I don’t have a corresponding picture for that, but am thinking I should take one, I’ll have ample time to do so in the next couple weeks.  I literally watched the clock those 3+ hours, waiting for GC to come home and take over.  The Roc spent a lot of time in his room for sassing me.  Time outs are not all that affective, but I needed him to be out of my reach…I so wanted to wipe that smirk off his face.  He got to me and he knew it.  I spent the rest of the night reading while GC did the bedtime battle.  Here’s to a husband who knows when his wife has had enough.

Our perfect weather ended today, it’s been raining and even though I’m terribly sick of listening to the Roc whine this afternoon, I’m hoping this rain will breath new life into our already torched grass.  Besides the dentist visit we’ve run errands, watched movies, played, and the Roc has talked my ear off about leaving for swimming lessons.  He keeps moving the picture up on his schedule, as if by moving it up we will really will leave sooner.

And now it really is time to leave.  Day 2 is almost over.

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions on yesterdays post.  I love that I can vent and plead, and you all take the time to read and answer.  I am so grateful to not feel alone in this.

5 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Teething?

  1. A good round at the dentist is nothing to sneeze at! Congrats. Your new camera takes great pictures too!

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