Horses + Fish

On Saturday the Roc participated in his first “competitive” horse show.  I don’t know if he knew he was being judged while he was riding, I think he was just happy to go riding on a Saturday.  He was in the first division where they were graded on their walk, walk/trot, and then walking over poles.  The walk:

He got second place!

The walk/trot (he doesn’t like to stand while the horse is trotting and we heard him saying “not too fast” as they went by us!)

Second place again!

And finally, walking over poles:

First place!

It was over pretty quickly, but the Roc enjoyed himself and held onto his ribbons on the way home.  After a quick lunch we headed back out the door for an afternoon of fishing.  The Roc had never fished before so we attended the DFRC fishing derby hosted by Reel Expectations.  The Roc was paired with an expert fishing buddy, who cast and snagged the fish, and then let the Roc reel them in.

With a little help from GC, of course.

It was hot, so even though the fishing derby was going until 4 pm, we headed home early and all three of us hit the pool.

A busy Saturday.  A day in which the Roc tried his best, was rewarded, and then hours later tried something totally new, and was rewarded with his very own fishing pole!  A good day.


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