Last week was a doozy and this week has flown by.  How is it already Friday?

Sickness, head lice – which caused us to do this to the Roc’s hair:

(he wasn’t phased by us shaving his head, he says he looks like Daddy and he has a “big bald head.”)

2 more days of evaluations to finish up the IEE I requested to reclassify the Roc educationally, and then on Thursday the meeting to discuss placement for next year.

The meeting went well, I don’t know why I was so worried, I guess I tend to have a cynical outlook before I go to these meetings.  Which stems from the incorrect and unjust label the district slapped on the Roc last spring, as well as reading so many stories online of IEP meetings gone awry.  But one of the Roc’s teachers let it slip right away that they were in favor of retaining the Roc in kindergarten for another year.  The special ed coordinator had to remind her that we as the IEP team hadn’t made that decision yet, but we all laughed about it.  My sticky point was what kind of class room the Roc would be in.  I had tons of questions, a couple type written pages in fact, and we went over everything until I felt like I got a better handle on how they are helping him now and what it will be like next year.  I was really worried that the full inclusion room wouldn’t be a good fit for him, but I am willing to give it a try after hearing about how independent he already is during his day and how they think he will do based off what is happening now.

But I’m still worried that I made the wrong decision.  I’ll worry about it until I get a chance to talk to his new teachers in the fall, and find out how he’s doing.  And really so much of his success will come down to what kind of teachers he has next year.  If they are understanding.  If they are patient.  If they are willing to think outside the typical way of teaching.  If they will take into consideration all the factors that might be blocking the Roc from learning.  If they know and understand how his autism affects his abilities.  If they use that knowledge and understanding to help him learn.

I’m trying to have a little faith.  Faith in myself that I am equipped to make these decisions and that I made the right one.  And faith in my boy that he can rise to the challenges that the full inclusion room will bring.

For now that is all I can do.


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