A Baseball First

When I signed the Roc up for the challenger baseball league I really didn’t have any expectations.

I had hopes.

I hoped that it wouldn’t be too many people, too much movement, or too loud.  I hoped that it being outside would calm the sensory overload aspect for him.  I hoped that he would be fine with all the other children of different ages and abilities.  I hoped that he wouldn’t feel stressed.  I hoped that he wouldn’t scream or throw himself on the ground.  I hoped that he wouldn’t feel anxious or defeated.  I hoped that he would wear the uniform, including the hat.  I hoped that he would stay in the dugout when he was supposed to.  I hoped that he would stay with GC in the outfield.  I hoped that he would take his turn up to bat.  I hoped that he would keep trying to hit the ball off the tee even if he missed.    Mainly I hoped that he would smile and have fun.

I hoped.

For the past 6 weeks he did all that and more.  He looked forward to each game, wore his uniform with pride – including the hat, wanted his daddy to be his buddy, wanted to get there in time to “warm up,” stayed in the dugout and outfield when he was supposed to, took his turns up to bat, ran the bases, went through the line and high five’d the other team after each game, and smiled the whole time.

Last night was the last baseball game of the season and a first for the Roc.  Last week coach Steve told the Roc that he wouldn’t be using the tee this week, that he would hit off a pitch.  Coach Steve was adamant that the Roc could do it, and we followed his lead.  As I was helping the Roc into his baseball uniform he brought up what coach Steve said the week before and told me he didn’t want to get hit by the ball.  I assured him that coach Steve would be super careful and that he could do it, all he had to do was try.

He fretted about it on the way to the game.

When it was his turn up to bat GC helped him with his stance,

coach Steve tossed the ball,

the Roc took a swing,

and on the 3rd try…he HIT it!

And I hadn’t even thought to hope for that.



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