A Day With Friends

May has been crazy busy, lots of things have happened, and I intend to write about them soon.  I just haven’t had the time or mental energy.  But yesterday was so fun, I just have to share a little about our day.  We were invited to our friends Tom and Carrie’s house for an afternoon barbecue/pool party and the Roc was looking forward to it, we all were.  We had stopped by their house the day before to chat and let the dogs play for a few minutes so the Roc knew exactly where we were going and he had seen their pool, so he was excited.  We warned him that there would probably be other people coming and possibly a few kids coming to swim too.  We never really know how things are going to go when we take him somewhere unfamiliar where he could encounter strangers, but we were relaxed knowing that we would be with friends and we weren’t far from home, so if things didn’t go well, we’d just come back and hit the nearby pool which opened on Saturday.  When we arrived the Roc couldn’t wait to get into their pool,

we decided to see if Guinness could swim,

and Carrie gave Gonzo a turn in the pool,

which made Tom smile.

GC and I took turns with the Roc in the pool.

Even water play is rougher with Daddy.

GC took Guinness swimming too.

But what Guinness really enjoyed yesterday was playing with Gonzo.

Ladderball was played throughout the afternoon/evening and GC promptly declared that we need to buy the game for our house, and to bring to SC this summer to play with his father and brothers.

The Roc even got a chance to try ladderball.

But the Roc’s favorite thing is the pool, and he would swim for awhile, get out and eat, and then go and swim some more.  He even got Tom to go swim with him as he didn’t want to “swim alone,” and neither GC nor I would get in the pool at that moment.  I was surprised that he went without us, but he knows Tom and the pull of water is just too great!  I sat at the table talking with GC, Megan, and Carrie before I realized what a big moment it was that he went willingly with someone other than his parents, so I had to take some pictures to document.  They were racing,

and he was in heaven.

We stayed until after the sun went down and the Roc convinced his dad to go “night swimming,” only coming back when the bugs started to bite.  We decided it was time to leave and were surprised to see just how late it was, after 9:30 pm.  The Roc did awesome all day.  At one point I had been talking to Carrie and Tom’s friend Megan about the Roc’s autism and she commented on how well he seemed to be doing, herself having a friend with a 4 year old with autism, and again I realized how far the Roc has come.  Even a year ago the day wouldn’t have gone like it did.  My heart swelled as I watched him swimming in the pool with Tom.  He was having so much fun.  It was a great day, the perfect way to end this crazy month of May.


I woke up this morning and got online to check my email and saw this note GC sent Tom & Carrie when we got home:

Hey Guys, Just wanted to extend a big thank you for inviting us to your place for the BBQ.  It’s really nice to have friends like you guys that are so accommodating to the Roc.  He really felt comfortable at your place today and had a great time 🙂  Thanks again guys.  Oh and I’m sure the Roc is gonna want to come back soon!  GC

and Tom’s reply:

The Roc is always welcome to beat my ass in swimming races….  🙂  We had such a great time and it’s because of you guys. We love you guys.

and I smiled in appreciation of good friends.  How lucky we are to have good friends here who celebrate the Roc with us.

Thanks Tom & Carrie!

We’re looking forward to your wedding in October!


9 thoughts on “A Day With Friends

  1. What a gorgeous day! So much to celebrate. I’m glad the Roc did so well, and that he loves the water! I still can’t get Riley to get her face wet.

    And those puppies! SOOO CUTE!

    As is The Roc’s bulb head.

  2. Looks like a fab Memorial Day weekend.

    Thought of you as we were in Lewes for the weekend. We finally made it to Henlopen, albeit from the water, on a boat. Next time we’ll visit the park itself. The beaches were gorgeous!

  3. I love love love love love love love love love love love YOUR dog, Guinness….BOSTONS are the best! made my day to see your pup!

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