Visitors + Loose Teeth + A Race

May has been a hectic month so far, and I just haven’t had the chance to write it all down.  Oh well.  Here’s a bit of a recap:

My in-laws made the long drive up from South Carolina two weekends ago to visit, and help with a big project – fencing in our teeny, tiny yard.  It took my father-in-law and GC three full days to completely install it, but it’s in!  They really did a great job and now we can play with the pupper outside and he won’t be able to run away, and I can keep those pesky teenagers from cutting through my yard.  Double score.

While the guys were busy in the backyard cursing the wind I took my mother-in-law and the Roc up to the Thai food restaurant for lunch,

and then to Longwood Gardens.  She loved it, and so did the Roc.

Except when the Roc got tired of my camera constantly being pointed in his direction.

He isn’t able to stay mad for too long.

During the week that my in-laws were here they got to spend a lot of time with the Roc.  Nonno played basketball,

the Roc called Nonna up when he was taking a bath and conned her to sit in the bathroom with him,

they both went to see the Roc’s swimming lesson,

and they were even here for a momentous event – the loss of the first tooth!

The Roc was funny when it came out.  I thought he would be upset, maybe even throw a mini tantrum at the big change in how his mouth felt, but he took it all in stride.  His tooth had been loose for a while and he had been complaining for a couple days, saying that it hurt.  While eating a muffin after dinner one night he said “OUCH!” and we could all see that the tooth was hanging by a thread.  The Roc reached in and pulled it out!  We all cheered and I grabbed my camera.  We put the tooth in a bag, put it under his pillow, and then he forgot all about it.  The next morning I went up to his room and reminded him to look under his pillow!

He was pretty excited to find the money and he told his teacher that the fairy left him a dollar, when in fact it was a $5.  We are definitely leaving $1 for all subsequent teeth!

We didn’t have the greatest weather last week but we were lucky that it was decent on the night of the Roc’s baseball game, I had really wanted my in-laws to see the Roc play and I knew he would enjoy having them cheer him on.  I was right, he smiled so big when he went up to bat and kept looking over at them sitting on the bleachers.

And I got the official baseball pics – they turned out awesome!

Nonna and Nonno left on Saturday morning and we spent the rest of the day in the yard.  I planted seeds in our new little herb garden and I planted my tomatoes.

I went to bed early on Saturday night, but I tossed and turned, too keyed up to sleep.  I woke up right before my alarm went off at 4:45 am and got ready to meet my friend Tracy, who lives two doors down.  It was race day.  My first half marathon.  On the drive up I wished that I had trained a little harder, done some intervals and added weight lifting to my routine of just running.  It was too late now and I just vowed to finish the race running.  And I did!

We had perfect weather for the race, cool and cloudy for the start.  My training partner Kelly and I ran the whole race together, talking a bit and keeping each other motivated.  As we rounded the final corner and saw the finish shoot we clasped hands and sprinted across the finish line.  I’ll remember that forever, my first half marathon, completed with a good friend.

I woke up this morning with sore quads and was looking forward to a day of rest.  Not only physically, but mentally.  I’ve been feeling mentally/emotionally exhausted lately.  The Roc has been going through a phase lately, oh please – let it be a phase, and I’m so worn out.  I shouldn’t have mentioned my “day of rest” to the girls while we were out celebrating our race (where I found a new favorite drink: THE DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND.  Fresh pineapple and SKYY Infusions All Natural Pineapple Vodka. Garnished with a sweet pineapple slice.  YUM!) last night because as soon as the Roc got to school, the school called me – he threw up on the bus and then again while walking into school.  I abandoned my resting plans and went to pick up him.  He was in good spirits and spent the rest of the day following me around, except for the 1+ hour he sat on the couch watching a movie, with a barf bowl nearby.

He never did use it.  But he did lose another tooth!

So now I must go put $1 under his pillow.

And then try to rest my brain.  The Roc will be home again tomorrow, he has to be barf free for 24 hours and technically he barfed at school today…sigh.


6 thoughts on “Visitors + Loose Teeth + A Race

  1. Wow! Despite the puking (our house too, BTW) so much to celebrate here! What a great visit with the in-laws! He is adorable in his baseball gear, and the teeth! So cute!

    Congrats to you on your 1/2 marathon! Go you! I am totally impressed!

  2. CONGRATS on the Half! I can’t wait to hear about it. I’m super bummed I can’t do my race. I’ve got to go to a sports-doc I guess – my leg sometimes “gives out” on me now – I fell down the steps in the garage this AM and my whole body hurts. I feel like an old lady!

    That’s so cool about Roc and his teeth. I can’t stand seeing those dangling teeth there! The tooth fairy in the frozen tundra gives $2 bills (except for the occasional time when she runs out).

  3. Holy smokes, girl! You sure pack a whole lot in between posts! LOL

    LOVE THIS…all of it! You know, the barf might’ve been a gag response to the other tooth. Maybe? Fingers crossed for no more barf!

    I’m so impressed that you ran a half marathon. WOW. What a great way to finish, too, with a good friend. Congrats! 🙂

  4. Holy cow, lady. It’s been quite the week!! Congratulations on the half marathon – that’s HUGE! And I know I’ve said it before, but msn, you have got one seriously delicious kid. Even next to a barf bowl he’s adorable. 😉

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