Spring Break @ the Beach

We were blessed with some truly spectacular weather during the Roc’s spring break.  Sun and warmth dominated the days.  So we took full advantage and headed down to our favorite state parks.  The Roc, Guinness, and I all love to spend time at the beach.  Here are the highlights from our 6+ hours at the beach on Good Friday.

We had near record breaking temperatures midway through the week and so again, we headed south.  (and just now, while uploading the next picture, I actually took the time to read the Roc’s shirt.  It says “Just Try & Stop Me.”  How fitting, on so many levels.)

What a great way to spend a day, or three.

(Uncle Allen – these are the first pics taken with my new camera–what do you think?)


6 thoughts on “Spring Break @ the Beach

  1. In the two close up pictures of the Roc smiling for the camera, he looks so grown up!! What a handsome little guy. I’m glad that you had nice weather for spring break. Ours wasn’t completely spectacular. Can’t wait for summer!

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