Who, Me?

Alternatively titled:  “Don’t Let the Cute Face Fool You,” or  “One Naughty Pupper.”

Look at this face.  Doesn’t he look sweet?

This face lulled me into a false sense of security.  Sure, he still has the occasional indoor potty accident, but I know those are my fault, not his.  He doesn’t have full run of the house, but I had been letting him run the first floor (most of which I can see because it’s all open.)  Mistake.  He started on the couch.

That’s just the back of the love seat.  There is more destruction on the front of the big couch.  And then last night GC informed me that the big couch smelled like PEE.  Yup, the little monster pee’d on the couch yesterday.  He is no longer allowed to run free on the first floor.  GC and I agreed that if we cannot watch him, he goes in his crate.  Makes sense, but there is so much of the day that I cannot watch him–all the time, unless we are playing fetch.  So instead of crating him all day today, I attached the leash to my ankle and now he comes with me where ever I go.  So every time I look down, this is what I see.

He’s a little confused, but adjusting.

On another topic, today is the last day of spring break!  Whew!  GC will be home all weekend and then the Roc goes back to school on Monday.  (and Guinness is getting “snipped” on Monday so it’ll just be me and the cats all day long…)  A couple cool things happened this week and I’m looking forward to actually being able to sit at my computer without a little one screeching, “Don’t sit there Mommy!  Get off of your CHAIR!  I’m going to BLOW ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!  ARGH!”  I haven’t kept up with anything online this last week, and in some ways that hasn’t been a bad thing.


3 thoughts on “Who, Me?

  1. Oh, that little puppy face! But, yikes, the chewing!
    Wonder if I could sneak Nik in the Roc’s backpack and ship him off to school on Monday. You think anyone’d notice? 😉

    At least you’re smart enough to surrender and not even try to do anything online. I think I’d be less frustrated if I’d simply given up than to constantly have a battle of wills with Nik. I thought MINE was strong? HA!

  2. My neighbor has a new wild little puppy. Adorable, but I’m kinda glad I’m not going through that stage right now!

    And Halloween is long gone – you should put your jackolantern away (and not just hide it behind the couch!). hee hee..

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