Last weekend we decided on a whim to paint our extra bedroom, the room that GC has been using for an office, the room that I painted pale yellow a couple years ago in case we had another baby.  I let GC pick out the paint color, we taped up the room, and then went to work.  The Roc even got in on the action.

I should note that the Roc did not paint that whole area, I simply let him try the roller, and promptly after I snapped this photo he handed the roller to me and said “I’m done now.  I’ll just watch you paint.”  Not long after that GC found something else to do and I ended up painting the entire room and adding a second coat.  I didn’t mind, he took care of the Roc and made dinner.  Not only am I the snow shoveler in our house, I’m the painter too, and I like to do both.

We joked that even though we have left the door to another baby open for the last 3 years, now that we have painted this room a color called “tropical nut,” we are sure to get pregnant.  That and the fact that I am signing up to run my first half marathon on May 16th.


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