How did I not know…

…about g00gle reader until now?


So much easier to keep track of all the awesome blogs I religiously read everyday!

(Whoops, I was reminded by GC that he told me about it…but sometimes I’m not listening as I should when he goes into computer talk.  Sorry babe.)


10 thoughts on “How did I not know…

  1. And do you know about the “next” button? In reader, under the settings tab, click “goodies”. Drag “next” to your bookmarks bar and click… Watch the magic!

  2. RSS Reader. Takes all your RSS feeds into one place for easy one stop shopping. I don’t know how people read their news any other way than RSS.

  3. Hi! I stopped in by way of Niksmom, goodfountain, and Kristen! Great blog, I’ll be sure to add you to my Google Reader. 😉 (And Kristen’s right about “Next”!)

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