Keeping My Mouth Shut

I’ve written a little bit about the educational label my son, who has Autism, has been sporting for the last 10 months.  Emotionally Disturbed.  I deeply regret ever signing the document allowing this hideous, unjust label to be tacked onto his name.  I’ve ranted about it, vented about it, blogged about opening the door to have it changed.  And I have more to say.  I’ve stepped through that door, I’m being coached by a wonderful person, I’m crossing over into an unknown for me…and for now I have to do something else that’s a bit foreign.

I have much to say, and yet I’m keeping my mouth shut.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t blog under my name, I don’t have this blog listed on my facebook page, I’ve only told my family and good friends about it’s existence, but I know there is a definite possibility it can be found, especially because I mentioned it to some people who worked with the Roc when he was in preschool.

So I don’t know who’s reading this.

I don’t want to give away my next move before I make it, and I certainly don’t want anything to be thrown in my face if I have to make an appearance in court.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


11 thoughts on “Keeping My Mouth Shut

  1. I know – I’m similar. I have had several things that happened at school that I didn’t write about precisely because I know lots of people at school read my blog. But I already have one post drafted (remember our Survivor type incident that happened to C last year?) that is sitting, waiting until we move out of this district so that I can post it. Then I don’t care anymore, you know?

    You are wise to be careful. Even nice things you say can be misconstrued because you’re not there to match it with a facial expression. Makes me understand our kids a little better…

    Good luck. Don’t know what I’m wishing for, exactly, but I’m hoping it works out how you want it to!

  2. Oh…..we have just embarked on our battle with our school district 😦 It just doesn’t make any sense that the people that aer supposed to help our kids act in such an awful way. I am glad you have the guidance of someone that knows what she is doing. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

  3. I know what you mean – I have to be very careful with what I write on my blog and how I write it. Glad to hear you’ve got a great coach regarding the label. I’ll be thinking of you as you go through the process.

  4. I definitely try to write my blog as if the teachers, the principal, my son’s team, and a judge were reading it. I’m not always great about doing that, but I would hate for my writing to affect my son in an adverse way.

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