Dodging a Snow Bullet

The Roc and I are getting up really early tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Tucson, Arizona.  The snow isn’t supposed to start falling until the afternoon.  The weather people are saying 24+ inches between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.  Whew!  Goodbye winter, hello sun!

This will be the Roc’s third trip to Arizona and he is already listing the activities he would like to do while there.  Picnics in the park, Sabino Caynon, lunch in that restaurant with the fountain – and he doesn’t want to eat inside this year, trips to the neighborhood playground, the desert museum, Saguaro National Park.  All of that sounds good to me, I really just want to visit with my parents, relax, and feel the sun’s warmth on my face.

Not only have we been talking about the different activities we will do while we are in Arizona, we’ve been discussing a big change in the way we travel.  No more stroller.  The Roc will have to walk in the airport, and not just one airport, we have to switch planes in Denver.  We’ve discussed waiting in line at check-in (already check-in online, that should save some time), waiting in line at security, waiting in line to get on the plane, walking through the different areas of the airport, what kinds of things we will see, sounds we will hear, that there will be many people all around, all moving!  The chaos!  The Roc has a handy picture schedule to help him along, he’s already got the pictures in order and has been looking at them and talking through the sequence.  I hope it’s enough.  I hope everything goes okay.

The other hurdle will be the bathroom.  Those scary flushing toilets.  The Roc has already said he doesn’t want to go to the bathroom because it’s too loud and so he devised a plan.  We will each use the restroom before walking the gauntlet otherwise known as Security, where Daddy can help him before we have to say good bye, because, you know – urinals are not as scary as toilets.  From there on out I’d better not drink anything because I’m only allowed to use the restroom on the plane so he can stay in his seat.  I don’t know if this is really the best plan.  He hasn’t allowed himself any bathroom breaks saying he will hold it until we get to Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Hmmm…we’ll see how that goes!


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