Roc-isms, Part I

I just love reading C-isms over at Darcy’s blog and the Roc’s been saying some funny stuff lately so I thought I would start my own little file of Roc-isms:

Said while watching Planet Earth Forests scene where a young owl is learning to fly, it was falling and catching the tree branches by it’s feet, with accompanying music.

“Uh-Oh Mommy, what’s going to happen?  That music scared the bird!  Turn the music off!  Quick!”


Me:  “How old are you Roc?”

The Roc: “Five”

Me:  “If you are five, how old is Mommy?”

The Roc looking at me for a beat before answering:  “Six?”

Me:  “Then how old is Daddy?”

The Roc with no hesitation:  “Four.”


“Mommy, I’ll try to be nice, but it will be a little harder for me.  I’m losing all my teeth.  I won’t be able to talk when my teeth fall out but the tooth fairy will leave toys under my pillow.”


“Mommy, I heard a special song just now. (The bus driver has the radio playing on the bus.) It was piano music.  I want to go upstairs and hear that while I look at books…  I think Aunt Sandy was on the bus.” (Aunt Sandy is an amazing piano player and we listen to her CD in the car sometimes and she played her piano for him when we visited CO in the summer!)


Sometimes we ask this question.  This time we got some funny results!

GC:  “Roc, should we have a baby?  Do you want a baby brother or a baby sister?”

Roc:  “Yes, I want a baby brother.” (Sometimes he says sister.)

GC:  “If we have a baby, it will grow in Mommy’s tummy.”

The Roc looks at me and pokes my belly.

Roc:  “No baby.”

Me:  “Nope, no baby in there.”

The Roc looks up at GC, pokes him in the belly, looks back at me and says: “There’s a baby in here, in Daddy’s tummy!”

GC looks at me and says:  “OMG.  I guess I really need to start working out.”


Last night on the way back from picking up GC from the airport (he was in CO snowboarding with his brother last week) we stopped at the grocery store and GC went in while the Roc and I stayed in the car.

“Mommy, ladies take a long time.  Daddies are quick but ladies take a long time.  That’s why daddy went to the store.”


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