You Will Be Missed

Right now as I type I can hardly see the computer screen through my tears.  GC’s Grammy passed away on Thursday.  My mother-in-law’s Mommy.  The Roc’s Great-Grammy.  I hurt for my mother-in-law and Aunt Sandy, my father-in-law (who would cut the seeds off strawberries for Grammy so she could still enjoy the best of summers sweetness), Uncle Allen, G, Chelch, Ange, the kids, my husband….me.  Words cannot do justice to the kind of woman she was, and I only knew her 9 short years.

My first memory of Grammy will forever be ingrained upon my mind.  I had just moved from Nebraska to New Jersey to shack up with GC after spending 1 week with him and only having known him 1 month.  I was pretty certain his whole family thought I was a complete loon.  I felt that a lot was riding on the first impression I presented and so I was quite nervous on the drive to Grammy’s house for the first family dinner, that included me.  I clenched my hands together and peppered GC for information about his family during the twisty turning drive to her yellow house.  I was worried he was going to throw me under the bus for the Midwestern way I pronounced Italian, not to mention my Minnesota accent.  (He did.)  I don’t remember conversation from the evening, what GC wore, or what we ate (other than I KNOW there was pie on the table after the meal), but I do remember that I wore a little cotton light blue t-shirt dress and hoped against hope I would meet the family’s approval, my stomach sick with nerves.

The reason I remember the dress I was wearing is because it is tied up in my first memory of Grammy.  She was aghast to see a few cat hairs clinging to my cotton dress and insisted on rolling me with a lint brush.  I tried to wave her off but she was persistent and so I stood stock still while she rolled the brush over my body including my rear!  I joked with GC on the car ride home that I didn’t know what the rest of his family thought, but I was pretty sure his Grammy liked me, heck, she practically felt me up!  It was classic Grammy, taking care, from the first moment we met.

I do not have nearly enough pictures of Grammy, but here are my favorites.  From Feburary 2004.

Grammy with baby Roc when he was only 10 days old.

Feeding the Roc on Christmas Eve 2004.

April 2005.

She put together train tracks and the Roc instantly took them apart in August 2006.

December 2008.

May 2009.

And finally a picture I am so glad we captured.  Grammy with all four of her great-grandchildren.  She was so proud of them.

Words escape me Grammy.

I wish I could tell you in person.

I love you.

You will be missed.


14 thoughts on “You Will Be Missed

  1. I’m sorry to hear of her passing. She looked like she was in great health all the way to the end. She also looked like she was a pistol and heavily involved in the lives of her family.

  2. Dear Kim. That was a beautiful posting. You made me laugh and you made me cry. I am so glad you have that photo of Mom with her 4 great grandchildren…don’t think I had seen that before. Take care…I will see you soon. Love, Aunt Sandy

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