Lucy vs. Guinness

I get a lot of questions about how Guinness is getting along with our four (yes, I really did say FOUR) cats.

Well, three of the four run away from him.  They jump the gates and flee upstairs or to the basement. Scaredy cats.

Our fourth cat?

Lucy is still out and about and Guinness is very interested in her.

He’s slowly catching on to the fact Lucy doesn’t take crap from anyone.  Especially a dog.

There’s really only one man for her.


4 thoughts on “Lucy vs. Guinness

  1. Cute! Lucy looks just like the female version of our Midnight (named by Aidan) – same fur and face. Not only that, we have a female version of Lucy’s man! But our two never get that close. They tolerate each other. That last picture made me do a double-take – they look just like mine!

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