January Funk + Labeling Update

So I wrote last Monday (gosh, almost 2 weeks ago!) about leaving a message for the special ed person at the Roc’s school regarding his current (inappropriate) educational label, emotionally disturbed.

Then I fell off the planet.

I got into a funk.  A huge terrible natural disaster happened on the day I entered another year on this planet.  My funk got deeper.  It happens to me every year.  The January funk.

It was funkier this time.  Or so it seemed to me.

I won’t go into the sordid details of my pity party funk.  How I cried myself to sleep one night thinking I may have alienated the one person I feel close to in this tiny state, missing the couple MN girls who know me from way back when.  How badly I wished that I could pop over to my sister’s house so she could make me laugh.  (Your phone calls have helped Kath, thanks!)  Nope, not gonna talk about it.  Other than to say that the friend I thought I had offended wrote me an amazing email that completely lifted the solid block of weight off my chest.  I chuckled to myself when GC said to me:  “That’s why I didn’t pay any attention to your craziness last night.  I knew every thing was okay, you just do this sometimes.”

Yup, I do.  It’s winter and I’m officially done with it.

Anyway, not much to report on the changing the label process.  I got a call back from the special ed person last week and an email this week.  She was very nice on the phone.  I explained the Roc’s situation and my thoughts on the matter.  I requested more information and she sent home a copy of the state’s Administrative Code in the Roc’s backpack and requested permission to observe him in the classroom.  Permission granted, she should definitely know more about my child.  Thumbing through the material that was sent home I came across the eligibility criteria for Autism and highlighted all the areas within the broad definition that apply to the Roc.  According to my calculations, he fits the criteria.  This week I was told via email that the school psychologist needs to agree that the current label isn’t appropriate before we can proceed…uh huh.

No Way.  I know without a doubt that I have the right to request an IEP meeting whenever I want.  I am a full member of the IEP team.  They may be experts in their chosen fields, but I am the expert on the Roc (and I am probably the only Autism expert on the current team).  No one knows him (and Autism) like I do.

Meanwhile through another Autism mommy friend I got in touch with a woman who apparently has fought the system.  I don’t know her whole story yet, but she was mad when she heard mine.  She requested information on the Roc and so I spent some quality time at the UPS store photocopying all of the Roc’s evaluations, both medical and through the school.   Then I dropped them off at her house this morning.  She told me via email today that she finally won her battle for her son to have an appropriate Autism label…and he’s graduating this year!


7 thoughts on “January Funk + Labeling Update

  1. You are right you have that right to request an IEP meeting anytime!! Good Luck and it’s good to have someone on your side. Right now I am trying to figure things out with the school.

  2. Glad you are getting some help/support as you fight for your kiddo! Also, I hope your funk lifts soon…Spring is coming 😉
    P.S. I have a Roc(k) as well…I know it’s the perfect name for my Rock as he battles health issues and from reading your blog for the past several weeks, I’m thinking it’s the perfect name for your strong kiddo too!

  3. Oh I’m so glad you’re getting this going! You’re knocking down doors, girl! (And walls, and ceilings, etc!) I haven’t blogged for a week either, for the same reason. Depression had a hold of me hard, just now emerging. I’m glad you have family & friends to help pull you out.

    By the way, the picture on my blog is from Target. I can’t find it on their website, so not sure if they still have it, but I purchased it just before Xmas, so you may be able to find it!

    Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight!

  4. Glad to hear that you’ve found someone locally who can help with the education/label process. And “the day I entered another year on this planet”? Could that mean that belated birthday wishes are due? If so, my friend, you share a birthday with one of the best people I know – my brother! Hope your next year of life is a great one for you. xoxo

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