A week in the south

We spent a week in South Carolina visiting GC’s parents, his Grammy, and his youngest brother and family.  The Roc had already been off school for a week so I was ready to flee the house and the cold and get somewhere we could thaw out.  It was a bit warmer (50s) so we got the Roc out on the beach every day, and he loved it.

Guinness (who we have begun calling “Pupper”) also loved the beach!

(Yes…my dog is wearing a coat…He gets cold!  He hardly has any fur!)

We also went to Brookgreen Gardens to see fountains,


and even an alligator!

We had lots of fun with the family.  Nonna got to read the Roc stories,

Grammy enjoyed holding a sleeping Guinness,

and the Roc got to play games with his cousin Aiden and GC.

The Roc also enjoyed watching baby Anderson.  Every time Andrea changed the baby’s diaper the Roc was right there watching and talking the whole time.  Not only did he watch the diaper changes,

he also watched the baby eating,

and helped by saying “Open Sesame!!!!!!!!” while Auntie Andrea directed the spoon,

and the Roc enjoyed tickling Anderson!  So cute!

We also taught Auntie Andrea how to do “chicken nugget neck” with the Roc.

It looks like she’s choking him, but he likes it!  He’s super ticklish!

(Auntie Andrea is most definitely horrified that this photo is now on the internet.  Heehee.)

Overall it was a great trip.  It was so nice to visit with family, eat yummy food, and celebrate the New Year together.  The Roc did have his moments, especially towards the end of the trip, and I had a little breakdown of my own, which seems to happen at least once when we are on “vacation.”  Hopefully I’ll get better about that as time goes on, just like the Roc is getting better at traveling.  I guess those two probably go hand in hand, but whatever.

We’re both learning how to hold ourselves together apparently.

(I also learned that I really like Vodka and cranberry juice.  Who knew it could help so much in the holding it together department?  I guess we’ll be naming our next dog Smirnoff or Grey Goose.)


7 thoughts on “A week in the south

  1. Glad you had a nice time. That pic of your granny and the puppy is precious.

    I find giving myself permission to steal away for a short bit every day helps during “vacations.”

    And wine.

    ; )

  2. So glad (and envious!) you got away for a break from the cold. 🙂

    Love the pics! And, yes, vodka & cranberry can help smooth those jagged edges from time to time. 😉

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