Merry Christmas!! (a recap)

The Roc asked for three things for Christmas this year.  The first year he actually asked for something in particular, a milestone I celebrated by buying every item he asked for.  Though I’m sure most parents try their best to honor the Christmas wishes of their children, there is something especially significant about the wishes of a boy who almost never asks for anything (except lollipops).  A boy who despises Toys R Us and refuses to go inside.  He asked for a Spider-Man couch, a purple hippo, and the Kohls Cares stuffed animals – the mouse, cat, moose, and pig that go with his favorite “If you give A…” books.  Those four stuffed animals were a late addition to his wish list which happened after we were at Kohls shopping and he saw them at the checkout, grabbed them, and then cried and had a mini meltdown when he couldn’t bring them home.  I smiled to myself as GC escorted the Roc from the building because those four stuffed animals were already in our storage closet.  Score!  So I was pretty excited to see if this was the year the Roc would actually be interested in what was under the wrapping paper versus the wrapping paper itself.

Like most parents GC and I were up late on Christmas Eve busy with the last minute wrapping and placing of gifts under the tree.  So when GC got up with the puppy in the early morning hours I reminded him to turn on the tree so it would be lit up when the Roc came out of his room in the morning.  He’s been coming downstairs in the mornings on his own (that’s new!) and I had asked him when I put him to bed if he would be coming down to my bedroom in the AM, and he whispered “Yes” as I shut his door.  Sure enough, I heard his door open and then a looooonnnngggg pause where he must have been stupefied by the presents under the tree in the family room below, and then I heard his little feet hit the first floor and go pitter patter down the hall to our room.

“Mommy!  There’s presents under the tree!  LOTS of presents!!  And there’s a BIG one!  A BIG RECTANGLE one behind the tree!!!”

Oh boy was he excited.

We trooped into the family room and ohhh and ahhhed at the amount of gifts Santa had brought.

The Roc waited patiently for the go ahead.

And then the opening began!

Look!  A mouse!  I wanted one of these!

What about this big one?  Back here?

Not yet? Okay, I’ll open the smaller ones first.

What is it?  A Behaviors with Friends video from Nonna and Nonno!  Perfect!

This one’s from Aunt Sandy and Uncle Allen.

Aunt Sandy sure does use some strong tape…!

Getting there…

It’s an ostrich!!

Let’s keep going!  A book!

I wonder what’s in this one?

The PIG!!!!!!!

And the MOOSE!

I like him!

LOOK!  It’s a…


Half way done.  A few more to go.

What’s is this?


A bathtub fountain!

Almost done.  Here comes that BIG one!

A bike!

One present left!

The Spider-Man couch!!

The Roc GOT it this year!  He was so excited to see what was under the wrapping paper and it wasn’t until hours later (as I was starting this post) that he played in the wrapping paper.

One of his favorite gifts is a little bathtub fountain that I found at a neat little toy store/teacher supply store in early fall.  As soon as I saw it I just knew that my water obsessed son would love it.

Upon swallowing the last bite of his french toast he was begging to take a bath and play with the fountain.  I was worried that it wouldn’t work, but it does.

and he LOVES it!

That smile is the best gift!

We relaxed the rest of the day and played with Guinness in the kitchen,

and then played some of the new games the Roc got for Christmas.

GC had to do some game assembly,

while Guinness supervised.

The Roc went to bed with all his new animals tucked around him.  GC and I were asleep by 10!  It was a good day.

Happy Holidays!


12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!! (a recap)

  1. Merry Christmas Rocco and family! You are very missed! It looks like he had a GREAT time with all of his opening. Oh, and I LOVE the new floor – looks awesome (and so clean!)!! It’s still snowing here- it’s been fun.

  2. Looks like a gloriously happy day! My girls would LOVE that bath fountain toy – Rhema would spend the whole time drinking the water!

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