Every year I buy the full snowsuit and snow boots for the Roc and every year he wants nothing to do with the snow, if we get any at all.  Something changed this year.  I don’t know who this kid is and what changed that he was so EXCITED to get out there that he went out 3 separate times yesterday for a total of about 5 hours.  The snow, the wind, the cold, the wetness…none of it bothered him.


I’m glad I continued to buy the full snowsuit and boots.

We got around 17 inches yesterday!

I hope the Roc has school tomorrow…


10 thoughts on “Snowbound

  1. WOW! Kim, you give me hope that Nik might, one day, NOT freak out with the cold wet white stuff! Of course, this year, he’s been so sick we can’t take him out in the cold for fear of triggering a bad respiratory response. 😦 But there’s always next year. You know, when the temps will be in the 60’s for Christmas? LOL

  2. We shared the same snow with you yesterday. And the all day love affair.

    My favorite pic is the one with the fleece jammies and hot cocoa. Nothing better than coming in from the cold to the warm.

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