Guinness Has Landed

On Friday night before I turned out the light in the Roc’s bedroom I poked my head back inside and whispered “Remember, we’re going to pick up our puppy tomorrow” to which the Roc replied “I’m so excited!!” and then immediately “He won’t look like Tigger…”  Tigger is my neighbor’s pit bull mix.  A very sweet dog, but a big one, one that looks imposing complete with a deep bark.  I assured him that our doggy would be really small and wouldn’t bark like Tigger as I softly shut the door.  As with everything brand new I wondered if I prepared the Roc well enough and if we made the right decision to change his environment so drastically.  A puppy is kinda drastic right?  We had talked a lot about the dog and looked at pictures of the breed as well as pictures of our puppy, but I never know (until much later) how much has sunk in and what has been comprehended.  I wonder if I second guess myself more because of his Autism, or if other Moms second and third guess every decision they make.

I know that puppies and kids go together…but what about puppies and a kid with Autism?  What about this kid who is afraid of big dogs and won’t let most dogs approach him?

I tried not to worry as I slid under my flannel sheets and three (of our four) cats settled themselves on the bed that night (Oh My GOD–what about the CATS?!!  Do puppies and CATS go together?! Ha!)

So on Saturday morning we went to pick up Guinness, our Boston Terrier puppy.  The Roc continually said he was “so excited!” as we drove up to the breeders house in Pennsylvania.  The Roc was excited, but what about GC and I?  Kinda nervous to tell you the truth, but definitely excited, just like the Roc.  I grew up with dogs but never had to housebreak them or take care of them when they were puppies.  They were easy once my dad had trained them!  The Roc remembered exactly where we were going after only being there once and while at the breeder he asked for her to bring out the little box of dogs.  When we went to pick out our puppy weeks ago the pup was only 5 days old and she brought them out in a little box, and the Roc remembered that!  Of course he did.  We paid the breeder, got the puppy’s papers and a few instructions, and were handed our puppy.  Both GC and I looked at each other like what do we do now?

Guinness slept on the ride home and continued to sleep much of the weekend.  He slept on us,

and he even slept on the Roc when I tried to get a picture for our Christmas cards!

He slept where ever we put him.

He’s sleeping on the floor next to me right now!

The cat is not too happy about it either.

The Roc’s reaction to the puppy’s presence has surprised me.  He was so interested in Guinness and wanted him to come out of his crate and be where ever he was.  “I want to sleep with Guinness” and/or “I want to lay with Guinness” were the phrases repeated over and over while he would lay down next to the sleeping puppy.  He was up off the floor 2 seconds later but it was so cute that he wanted to be near him.  He even asked “Can he come upstairs and play The Grouchy Ladybug Game with me?” After I explained that the dog cannot play those kind of games he said “Then I’ll go and get my marble run” and played with the toy near the puppy.

He will spontaneously pet the dog but is afraid that the puppy will bite him so he won’t get his hand near Guinness’s mouth.  The puppy loves the Roc already though.  His little ears perk up when the Roc comes into the room and his eyes follow the Roc’s every move.  I was worried that the Roc would want to take the dog back after we got it home but he did the opposite of what I thought.  Of course.  He wanted the puppy to come in bed with him while I read the bedtime stories the last two nights, and this morning he asked if Guinness could come to school.

So far so good.  I think this puppy and this kid will go together nicely.


11 thoughts on “Guinness Has Landed

  1. “Hey Lady” – great post. So cute that he asked if the dog could go to school with him. Can’t wait to get home and play with the dog again! 🙂

  2. SO Cute!

    Could you please line up the cats in a row in front of the Christmas tree (or wherever I guess would be fine), with Rocco behind them, and the puppy in front of them, so we can see them all?

  3. oh, those two are going to be the best of friends. i like the picts of the cats checking Guiness out! how did you come up with that name, btw? hope housebreaking is a breeze!

  4. These pictures made me smile and so happy for you, Guiness and Roc. And they say kids with autism and Aspergers have issues with feelings. Bah, humbug. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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