Weekend Getaway

I’m getting away this weekend!  In about four hours my very good autism mommy friend and I will be skipping town for two whole days!  We are getting massages tomorrow and plan on watching chick flicks, painting our nails, eating, sleeping in, window shopping, chatting and chilling out (without our kids!!!).  I’m very excited and have been looking forward to getting away for quite awhile.  The Roc will be off of school ALLLLLL next week and this will give me a good chance to recharge before I’m “ON” every day for seven days straight.

There is one, little, tiny detail that I’m sorry to miss this weekend.

The Roc got invited to a birthday party!  At his conference last week I asked his teacher if the whole class was invited and she said “No, only five boys from the class were invited.”  I sat there stunned.  Which sounds bad to many people, to be stunned that my son was invited to a birthday party.  But really, he rarely gets invited to parties and I just didn’t expect it.  Apparently this little boy really likes the Roc and so he is one of five boys invited.  When I found this out I told my husband (who originally said he didn’t want to take him) that he just had to take him.  To be one of five invited is a big deal! (to me anyway!)  If he wasn’t going to take him I would consider canceling my weekend so I could take him.  After two seconds GC changed his mind and agreed to take him tomorrow afternoon.

I’m a little nervous for both of them.  The party is at a roller skating rink…  The Roc has never roller skated and from what I can remember of our local roller skating rink when I was a kid – it could be a sensory nightmare for the Roc.  He is very excited to attend this party though (mostly because he will get a GFCF cupcake) and I really want to give him the chance to experience this.  I am nervous for GC because he has never taken him to a party before.  These type of things usually fall to me.  If there is a playdate, party, or event I’m the one who takes him.  I hope GC can stay calm and positive and that no meltdowns occur (for either of them, and for both of their sakes!)  I have a lot of confidence in GC, he shines when under the gun without me, and the Roc usually behaves differently for his father than for me (many times better, go figure!)

I am sincerely hoping it will be a good experience for both of them.

And I’m not going to worry…or I’ll try not to worry…

Really, I’m going to try hard!

I’m taking two days off!  (and this is the 3rd & 4th day that I’ve had “off” since the Roc was born.  I do believe I’ve earned it.)


10 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. I hope you had a wonderful time! I just got back from a couple of days away with my husband. And it was refreshing, all the way until I came home….to a house five times as dirty as before I CLEANED it before I left.

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