Weekend: Beach + Forest

I’m an outdoor girl.  I grew up hiking, canoeing, and camping in Minnesota.  I would rather be outside than in, I hate feeling cooped up, and struggle to get through the winter every year.  I always hoped that I would have an outdoor child so I could pass on my love of the outdoors to them and see their delight at the things I experienced as a child.  When the Roc was a baby I took him outside whenever I could, even pushing him in the stroller when it was sunny and 38 degrees in January because I just couldn’t be stuck inside any longer.  He went on at least two walks a day when he was a baby.  I think all of my walking did him good because to my utter joy I have produced an outdoor boy.  He loves to be outside just as much as his mama.

Like most weekends, we didn’t have any plans and after the Roc had been fed on Saturday morning I wondered out loud if we should drive down to the beach.  The Roc was beyond excited and started in on us.  “Can we build a sandcastle?”  “I don’t like the waves!”  “We will take our clothes off!”  “Let’s go to the beach!!”  Those sentences were repeated over and over and over.  We had to remind him that it wasn’t summer and we were going to walk, not roll around in the sand, because it would be cool at the beach.  We drove down to Cape Henlopen State Park and the Roc really enjoyed walking on the beach,



picking up shells,


and he even got to build a sandcastle


while we stood by with our hands jammed in our pockets, that wind was cold and the blood had quickly drained out of my fingers.  We drove over to the nature center and tried to go for a hike on the nature trail but found it too muddy so we drove down to “the point” and walked a bit more, bribing the Roc with a lollipop.



I took a picture that I would have used for my Christmas card, if only he had been looking at the camera!!


(Which prompted me again to start lusting after a new SLR camera.)

We drove back down to the beach parking lot and loaded the Roc into his wagon so we could walk along the paved hiking/biking path.  As soon as the Roc saw all the pine needles he had to have  some and GC filled up the wagon giving him his very own “hay ride” which he thoroughly enjoyed.


We walked along the trail and stopped to climb up and enjoy the view.



On the way back to the car the Roc got to go for a ride down a big hill.  I could hear him laughing the whole way down.


We were worn out by the end of the day!

On Sunday we drove up to Brandywine Creek State Park and went for a walk in the woods.


GC picked up a big stick and then Roc had to have one of his own.  Like father, like son.  Or maybe it’s just a thing with boys and sticks?


Not long after the Roc decided that I needed to have a walking stick too.


Whatever makes him happy right?


He is most happy near water and insisted we stop to sit by the creek.


GC was happy he got to wear his Vibram shoes.


There was only a minimal amount of whining: “My legs don’t work” and “I’m hungry” and GC gave him a shoulder ride once, but all it did was reinforce my childhood memories.  I remember whining a little when I was his age, and apparently it never failed that I would ask “Is this a circle trail?” but the fresh air, the sounds of the forest, and the peace I felt while outdoors as a child still exists for me today.  I hope the Roc will look back on his childhood and have happy memories of the outdoors.

We spent the weekend outside.  What could be better than that?


8 thoughts on “Weekend: Beach + Forest

  1. HAA – I remember that “is this a circle trail” question from you! I also remember getting you to whine for McDonalds on the way home. It didn’t usually work though……just made you whine more! Awesome pics!

  2. “We will take our clothes off!” “Let’s go to the beach!!” Your Roc would be in good company with our Grayson! Good thing we don’t live closer and they aren’t teens yet.

    Great pictures!!

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