About a Dog

The weather was nice this past week and I was feeling both useless and restless, as I have been lately.  The Roc has settled into his routine and I’m trying to figure out what to do with myself while he is at school.  I don’t feel that I’m contributing as much to the family now that my “work” leaves the building for 6 hours a day and have just been itching for…something.

Anyway, last Monday I was pacing around the house and decided that I just had to get outside and enjoy the weather, but I didn’t want to do it alone.  I had the urge to walk a dog.  It was a beautiful fall day and I just wanted to enjoy it with someone (and none of my 4 cats would enjoy a walk on a leash).  So I called my friend down the street who has 3 children age 4 and under and also possesses a big brindle pit bull mix who I’ve never, in the 5 years we’ve lived near each other, seen walked.  I asked her and she said I could walk Tigger anytime.  Now, Tigger is a sweet dog, but he really doesn’t walk well on a leash.  He pulled and yanked me around, and when he saw a squirrel?  Forget about it.  It wasn’t the relaxing walk I was hoping for but at least I did something nice for my friend and for Tigger.

On Wednesday my other neighbor called me from work asking if I would mind going into her house and taking her little 4-month dachshund puppy outside.  He didn’t do his business before she left for work and she was worried that he would soil his crate and/or be uncomfortable all day.  I jumped at the chance to walk another dog on another gorgeous fall day.  I was pretty sure a little 4-month wiener dog wasn’t going to be pulling me around!  He was very excited to see me and donned his collar and leash with ease, until we got outside.  I wasn’t having too much luck getting him to walk on the leash so I carried him down the street to another neighbors house who has two chihuahuas who love to go for walks.  The puppy quickly got the hang of walking after seeing the two chihuahuas on their leashes.  He had a great time after that I fully enjoyed myself.

GC happened to be working from home that day so I bought the little puppy in the house under the pretense of “seeing what the cats would do” (they puffed themselves up like raccoons).  After 30 minutes had passed GC came out on the landing again and saw me sitting in the foyer with the puppy sleeping in my lap.  He groaned, shook his head and said: “You want a dog now, don’t you?!”  I sheepishly smiled and shrugged my shoulders.  He groaned again and walked back into his office.  30 seconds later he came back out and said: “We used to talk about getting a Boston Terrier when we lived in New Jersey.  I wonder how the cats would feel about a dog in the house?  I wonder if the Roc would like a dog?”

My mouth dropped open!  I didn’t think he would even consider getting a dog!

That night we had the following conversation with the Roc.

Me:  “Roc, would you like to get a dog?” (totally thinking he would say no because he has in the past)

Roc:  “Yes, we could have cats and a dog.”

Me:  “Should we get a big dog or a little dog?”

Roc:  “A little one.”

Me:  “What color dog should we get?”

Roc:  “A black one.”

Me:  “Would it be okay if it was black with a little bit of white like Sasha?”  (one of our tuxedo cats)

Roc:  “Yes, black with a little bit of white.”

Not really sure if he understood what “getting a dog” meant we went on to show him some pictures of Boston Terriers and talked about what it would mean to have a dog in the house.  He still said he wanted a dog!

On Friday GC sent me an email with a link to Boston Terrier breeders with pictures of puppies and I replied:  “OMG!  You’re killing me!  I think we’ve found our Christmas present to each other….”  That night we talked about it more and started looking for nearby breeders.  On Saturday went to Borders and got a book on the breed and did some more research that night.

On Sunday morning GC called a breeder in Pennsylvania and she told him she had a brand new litter, only 5 days old, and we could come and see them that day if we wanted.  We drove up after lunch.  After talking to the breeder and her husband and meeting the parents we put a deposit down on one of the male puppies!


The Roc did really well while we were there and we were shocked to see the time when we drove away.  He had stood with us for just over and hour while we looked at the dogs and talked to the breeder.  He did repeatedly put his hand up my shirt, but we were worried he would have a tantrum or at least scream while we were there, so I didn’t worry to much about it.  He was a little confused by the fact that we didn’t bring home a dog that day and we tried to explain that our puppy won’t be ready to come home for 7 – 8 more weeks.

When we were leaving GC shook his head and said:  “I can’t believe that just happened.”  To which I replied:  “What did you think?  We would go look at puppies and I wouldn’t want one?!”  I had known that I would have to act fast when he started talking about a dog.  I didn’t want to give him too much time to change his mind!

He glanced at me and said:  “Merry Christmas.”

I think it will be!

(Oh, and the Roc said we should name the puppy Buggles)


7 thoughts on “About a Dog

  1. How cute! Part of me wants a dog. Part of me is relieved that between my son with asthma and my husband who doesn’t want to “waste” money on a pet, that we don’t have one.

    I love animals but I’m not built to take care of them. 🙂

  2. How adorable! Must be something in the air; I’ve been hearing about a lot of families getting puppies lately. Not ours. Not yet.

  3. Ah!! He is CUTE!!

    Will love to hear how he is received when he comes home.

    (And Tigger?? I’m sure that is embarrassing if you’re a pit bull.)

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