For the Love of…Fountains

The Roc LOVES water, especially falling water.  He loves to take a bath.  He loves to swim.  He loves to see rushing rivers and thunderous waterfalls, the bigger the better.  And he loves fountains.  Because of this love I just knew he would enjoy Longwood Gardens in PA.  On Monday the Roc and I, along with our awesome friends Christa and her son P, drove up to see the flowers, fountains, and emerging fall colors.

The boys were ready and excited to go.


Upon arrival we survived the horror of the “bathroom with the blue doors” and “scary flushing toilets” in the visitors center and made our way out into the gardens.  Then the Roc saw his first fountain.


He was in heaven.  Lots of different fountains to see and someone to run with.





The boys really had a blast running around together.  In fact, they were hard to keep track of!  Multiple times I was glad I put the Roc in that bright red vest!


They almost never stopped moving!


They did stop for a brief moment to show off their tree hugging skills,



and we caught them sitting down at a little table where it appeared they were waiting for someone to come and take their order.  Immediately after I snapped this photo they were off chasing a squirrel!


I tried to get them to sit together for a photo but this was the best I could do.


I was able to snap a cute photo of P by a fall display.


The Roc…not so much.  The boy never stops moving!


After lunch we headed into the conservatory where the boys really enjoyed the children’s garden.



Christa tried to get a picture of me and the Roc.  He just wasn’t cooperating (It’s rare for us to have a nice picture together.  He readily smiles for the camera if it’s a picture with his father – go figure!)


I did get a nice picture of Christa and P though!


And at the very end of the day the Roc was sufficiently worn out enough for me to snap a photo of him by another big pumpkin display.  He was too tired to run around any more at this point!


It was a great day.  A day spent with a good friend who, having been living this same kind of life, really gets it.  Neither of us bats an eye at screaming outbursts, conversations that consist of scripted lines from Little Einsteins episodes, and we both knew just when it was time to leave and get back to the car, our time having run out for good behavior and keeping it together.  The boys enjoyed being outside and being together, and I always enjoy Christa’s company.  The Roc got his fountain fix and I know now that we will be able to come back, maybe for the Christmas display.


6 thoughts on “For the Love of…Fountains

  1. What a lovely place to visit. Reminds me of the gardens in England and Paris. I loved the photo story of your visit with your friends. I’m glad you have such a good friend, as well as Roc having a friend. I bet this place will be really beautiful at Christmas.

  2. Hi! It’s nice to meet you right back, the boys are SO handsome! That place is absolutely beautiful, I’m putting it on my list of Places To Go With The Kids. Nice to connect with you.

  3. Great pictures!

    We’re right down the road from Longwood. You’ve inspired me to try to get over there before winter comes.

    Your boys are going to be heart breakers!

    • This week might be a perfect time for Longwood–it’s supposed to be GORGEOUS the next two days! You’re lucky you live close!


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