I’m a bat

The Roc is eagerly anticipating Halloween.  I asked him what he wanted to be this year and he said Spiderman.  And while he is a very cute Spiderman,



I told him he should be something else because he was Spiderman 2 years in a row!  I asked if he would like to be a pirate and he paused before saying “No, some other man.  Like on my back pack.”  His back pack has super heroes on it so I listed them starting with Batman.

What do you think the Roc is going to be for Halloween?

You’re right!


I picked up the costume this week and the Roc was very excited last night when I suggested he try it on.  He even allowed me to put the head piece and cape on!


He couldn’t stop running into my bathroom to check himself out in the mirror.


He even posed for a picture and smiled when I asked him to!


Then he wanted to go upstairs and play while wearing it.



I don’t think the Roc understands the super hero concept because he kept muttering to himself “I’m a bat.  I’m a bat.  I’m a bat.”

I couldn’t stop giggling about this.


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