Summer’s coming to an end

Kindergarten starts tomorrow (yikes!) and we’ve spent the last few days of summer escaping the heat and humidity at the community pool.  The Roc is becoming quite the little fish!  He just started to go under water for me and jump off the side of the pool.  He can swim all the way across the pool now instead of just from person to person like he was a few weeks ago.  Yesterday he even got over his fear of the deep end beyond the rope and started jumping in there and swimming around!




I also started throwing him in the water this weekend and he got a big kick out of GC throwing him in the deep end!  (Which is really hard to do when you can’t touch the bottom of the pool.)



This summer flew by and I cannot believe that the Roc is starting kindergarten tomorrow.  I think he is well prepped for this transition, but only time will tell for sure.  His teacher during summer school is the special ed teacher in his kindergarten room, so they got to know each other, and she loves him – of course!  We got the busing situation worked out, he will be on a bus with just a few other students and there is an aide on the bus.  The Roc and I have been talking about kindergarten, reading books from the library about kindergarten, and we did an individual Meet the Teacher and school tour on Wednesday, opting out of the chaos of the regular Meet the Teacher night on Thursday.  After we’d been in his new room for a few minutes he said “I’m excited to go here!” so I think he will have fun.  I hope he has fun.

I think he’s ready, but I’m not so sure about me!


4 thoughts on “Summer’s coming to an end

  1. Best of luck tomorrow. Ben starts this year as well. I don’t know how that will go since he does not take direction well from adults especially when he get’s his mind set on something. Let me know how it goes! Good luck Rocco!

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