Rest + Raspberries + Return

We were still wiped out from our long Thursday hike on Friday so we took it easy during the day.  GC and I took turns going out to lunch.  I went out with Aunt Sandy while he stayed back playing with the Roc, and then he met Marcello for lunch while I stayed back at the house.  Earlier in the week Aunt Sandy found an activity that the Roc LOVED – picking raspberries in their back yard!  He got to do this a couple times before we left and we rarely brought any berries back inside as these photos demonstrate – notice the empty container he holds!



Later that afternoon we took the Roc back to the pool with the fountains and he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Again, I left my camera back at the house and regretted it when I saw how empty the pool was – I could have gotten some nice photos there.  We all went to bed early that night.

On Saturday we took a tour of the “rich people” neighborhood in the valley and then went to a nearby park to take a little walk.  The Roc was a pretty good sport and walked a little ways down the trail and posed for a photo.


We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, still a little sore from Thursday, and took the Roc to the playground before dinner.



He had good night hugs for everyone before bed.



After he was tucked in bed Marcello, GC, and I went out for Thai food one last time before we had to leave to go home.  Amazing little restaurant.

On Sunday we packed up in preparation to leave, played with the poodles in the back yard, and took the Roc to the playground one last time.  While I was finishing the packing I just had to peek back down in the basement and take a couple photos of the quilt Aunt Sandy is making GC and me (me really!).



She promised us a lap quilt for our 5th wedding anniversary last year and I could never come up with a color scheme or any ideas for the quilt.  Upon arrival in CO she showed me her quilting area in the basement and this quilt was hanging on the wall.  I wondered who she was making it for but didn’t ask, silently cursing whoever convinced her they love cats more than I do.  Later in the week when we were discussing the quilt she would eventually make for us and what kind of design I would like she slyly told me that the “cat quilt” was available!  Yippee!  Then she told me that she started it with me in mind and wanted to see if I liked it before telling us that we (I) could have it if we wanted it!  I’m very excited to see the finished quilt.

We eventually had to say our goodbyes and head to the airport.  I was smarter this time around and checked in online and printed out our boarding passes – this I time I KNEW we had seats and that we were seated together!  We got to the airport WAY too early and ended up walking to the end of a concourse and watching the planes take off for awhile.  Of course the Roc didn’t let go of Jack, the jack rabbit puppet he got us to buy him in Breckenridge,


unless his Daddy was tickling him.


He flashed his smile for the camera too.


I took the opportunity of GC sitting next to me on this flight to snap a picture of the Roc in his seat before take off – I had to LEAN on him and I’m pretty sure the large man I sat next to on the flight out to CO wouldn’t have appreciated it.  Not sure if GC really appreciated it, but he tolerated it.  He is used to my constant photography.  The Roc is too, but that doesn’t mean he always allows it.


The flight went well though it was slightly bumpy due to the thunderstorms we flew near.  I watched lightening for a long while out the window while pretending to watch a movie with the Roc.  Once the sun went down and we got close to Philly the Roc was enamored with all the lights below.  I would have flown at night more often if I’d have known that he was that easily entertained!

I’m so glad that we took this trip to CO.  GC has been talking CO up to me ever since I met him in 2001, and it is a place we’ve talked about moving to on more than one occasion.  I told him I would have to see it for myself but I doubted it would be hard to sell me on the place since I grew up camping and hiking in Minnesota.  I was right, it wasn’t a hard sell!  It is a spectacular place to be if you like the outdoors, lots of sunshine and low humidity are nice too.  I really enjoyed visiting with GC’s Aunt and Uncle, his brother, and getting out to explore a little bit of the mountains.  It was one of those trips where I really wasn’t ready to be done with it yet.

Definitely a sign of a good trip.  I hope the next time enter Colorado it will be on the interstate with all of our crap and cats in tow!


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