Colorado + a Birthday

We returned from a 9 day vacation in Colorado late last night.  So here’s the first in a series of posts about our trip!

We arrived in CO on Saturday, August 1st after an uneventful flight but nerve wrecking check in.  The flight was overbooked and we didn’t have seats (even though I PAID for the tickets! so aggravating!) and we waited at the gate while they started boarding the plane hoping that someone would give up their seats so we could get on.  I was seething.  Luckily, a few people did take the offer of free airfare and we were able to get on board though we were not seated together.  The Roc and I were seated together of course, but GC got a seat in row 2 and the very large man next to me wouldn’t switch with him because it was a window seat.  So GC got to rest and relax for 3 hours and I got to entertain the Roc.  Fun fun!

After picking up our rental car we drove to GC’s Aunt and Uncles house.  The Roc was a bit overwhelmed after our long morning of travel and lots of waiting and so this is how he greeted his Great Aunt and Uncle.


He warmed up quickly and it wasn’t long before he flashed his adorable smile.


We settled in, did some grocery shopping, and got Thai food for dinner (yum!).

On Sunday we had a birthday party for the Roc (a day early) to celebrate his FIFTH birthday!  He was very excited to have a little party in Colorado,


with balloons,




his uncle Marcello,


and of course presents!







After he opened his presents we suited up and headed over to a nearby pool that has a big water slide and a few water features in the shallow end.  I didn’t bring my camera but the Roc had a blast and totally impressed his Great Aunt with his swimming skills.

On Monday we figured we had adjusted to the altitude enough to head into the mountains so we set off for Breckenridge.  I was so excited to get into the mountains and the Roc was very smiley in the backseat.


After a VERY nerve wrecking drive up, up, up we stopped at LoveLand Pass to take some pictures.  It was WINDY and CHILLY way up there.






Then we drove on to Breckenridge.  We walked around the town a little bit and stopped for Mexican food, which turned out to be a mistake – CORN overload for the Roc.  He did eat a GFCF hotdog I brought in a thermos but nothing could stop him from eating ALL the corn chips at the table.


While he did enjoy the chips, he ended up weepy and cranky not long after.  After lunch I was able to pop into a shop to get the Roc a t-shirt, and then he snoockered us into buying him a very expensive jack rabbit puppet which he now calls “Jack.”  We had planned to go on a little hike but with a weepy Roc, some rain, and figuring out that the trail was at about 11,000 feet we decided to head back down to Denver and take it easy.  I was feeling a bit “funny” and attributed it to the altitude and thought the Roc might need to get to a lower elevation as well.

We knew we had the rest of the week to get back into the mountains.

More to come tomorrow:  Rocky Mountain National Park!


2 thoughts on “Colorado + a Birthday

  1. Good times! In spite of the corn overload, I am impressed with how well he seems to handle lots of new adventures… and all with that adorable smile.

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