Swimming + Suckers


The Roc LOVES water.  He loves to play in it, bathe in it, watch it fall – as in waterfalls or pouring it or watching it rush from a faucet or sprinkler, and he especially loves to swim in it.  He started swimming lessons back in February and in the past few weeks he has really taken off at the community pool we visit during the week and on weekends.  He can now “doggie paddle” between GC and I, or from me to the side of the pool and I’ve been increasing the distance.  He will even slide into the pool and swim to me (and sometimes I back up, which causes him to scream “MOMMY” while trying to swim).  He can kick on the kick board and swim on a noodle too.  He’s also doing very well at swimming lessons and his instructor commented on how comfortable he is in the water lately.  She’s been pushing him further and further at each lesson.  Having him go under, swimming on his back, (and I say that loosely because if you were to see what I see he resembles a frog and he panics when she lets him go) and is teaching him how to kick like this:



which also reminds me of a frog! I’m so proud of him and I think he’s a natural in the water.  The swimming lessons are also easing my fear of him drowning – did I mention the kid LOVES water and he’s isn’t afraid of it?  Scary.  I think by next summer he’ll be swimming underwater, that is if someone can teach him to close his mouth!  He SMILES the whole time he’s swimming, which is totally cute, but causes him to swallow a lot of water and isn’t conducive to swimming under the water.


Another new little skill, completely unrelated to swimming, has developed because of swimming lessons.  Figuring out how to eat a sucker.  That doesn’t sound too hard right?  It is hard for the Roc because he has an aversion to putting his lips on things, as in a fork or a spoon or a sucker or a straw.  He regularly bites his applesauce off his spoon, and until just recently he couldn’t figure out how to drink from a straw (I always have a plastic cup in my purse for those pesky juice boxes people always offer at parties and play dates).  As we leave the building after swimming lessons the Roc is allowed to pick a lollipop out of the basket, and his desire to eat said lollipop has finally got the best of him and after a few months of bringing them home (and his father eating them) he figured it out (after some demonstration and verbal coaching from me) how to eat them! He’s so proud of himself!


I’m proud of him too.  I never thought that swimming lessons would teach him so much more than swimming.

4 thoughts on “Swimming + Suckers

  1. Oh, he’s adorable with that lollipop! My daughter is just like him in that she LOVES the water – she is constantly playing in the sink and the running water. We only recently took her to the pool for the first time (she’s had tubes in her ears since she was 1.5), and it was like she had found her home!

  2. Foster’s a water guy, too, but he doesn’t want it on his face. I would LOVE to get him the kind of swimming lessons the Roc has been rockin’. I know that the right teacher (not me!) would at least help him be safe near water.

    He’s adorable. I just love that huge grin,


  3. Swimming is definitely a stress reliever for Little Miss, too. We have one of those three-foot deep round pools in the yard, and after ESY or camp days, she can spend an hour in there just floating and deprogramming.

  4. Love the swimming, but love the sucker even more. It’s amazing what our kiddos struggle with that the rest of the world would never even imagine. I can only guess what a triumph that is for him (and Mom and Dad!).

    Awesome summer accomplishments, I’d say. 🙂

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