Seashore State Park

The Roc didn’t have summer school on Monday so I decided we would head down to the beach, just the two of us.  It’s only a little over an hour away.  I don’t know why we don’t go more often.  I think I’ll change that this summer.   It was a GORGEOUS day.


The Roc had fun in the sand.


He didn’t want to go in the water (it is a little cold, though that’s not why he won’t go near the ocean) but he did go for a walk with me instead.



We saw pelicans,


and the other sea birds that are near every big body of water,


and the Roc let me take take his picture.




After almost 4 hours he told me “I’m done with this.  I want to go home now.”  and so we did.  That’s when we hit our only snag of the day.  He walked onto the beach wearing his socks and sneakers.  When we packed up to leave I threw those in the bag and we started to trudge off through the sand, the very hot, burn the skin off your feet sand.  The Roc was PISSED.  In the middle of a huge throng of beach people (why must everyone clump by the beach entrances?) the Roc threw a screaming fit complete with ear shattering, beach serenity destroying screeches, snot, and a bit of drool.  I was carrying a blanket, beach bag, toy bag and little cooler, and I ended up carrying him on my back as well!  All the while he screamed in my ear about how the sand “hurted his feet!”  I felt like a jackass and probably looked like one too.

It’s the second thing I’ll do differently the next time we go to the beach, put his socks and shoes back on before we go back to the car (he won’t wear sandals, don’t even suggest it).  The first thing I’ll do differently is set up camp way down the beach to get away from all the people who like to sit on top of each other to be near the beach entrances.  Seriously!  Did you SEE all that beach in the above pictures?


3 thoughts on “Seashore State Park

  1. clumps of lazy people that dont want to walk 1/4 mile to get a nice piece of deserted beach….i just dont get it 🙂

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