Minnesota In Pictures

The Roc and I went to Minnesota for 9 days to visit family and friends.  He was a little sick when we left and I ended up taking him to urgent care on a Sunday morning, which was lots of fun (sarcasm), to get his breathing under control, he has “sickness induced asthma.”  After our visit to urgent care I got to see my niece’s dance recital which was a lot of fun.  She’s on a competition team and dances WAY better than I ever will be able to, and she’s only 7!!

The next day we went “up north” to a cabin on Lake Superior.  Love it up there.  The Roc loves climbing around on the rocks,


and hiking.


My Dad and nephew Brian took a canoe out for a ride.



Later we went to Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.






Then we went to Gooseberry Falls State Park.



Which is always a little nerve wracking as these next 2 photos demonstrate:



Back at the resort we spent each evening in the lodge’s (indoor) pool and hot tub, of which I have no pictures, too busy in the water.  I got a couple great shots of the Roc when he was all worn out after swimming.



He still needed breathing treatments while we were there,


but the big bathtub made up for it.


On our way back down to the cities we stopped in Duluth and got to see a big ship leaving.


and I finally got photographic evidence of the Roc WEARING a baseball cap.  Rare.


After our “trip within a trip” was over we got to see some of my girl friends from high school and their kids.  Melissa & Ella:


Hilary with 2 of her 3 kids in the doorway to their new HUGE travel trailer:


Kamie has 2 kids but is holding a kitten in this photo.DSCF0093

The Roc enjoyed playing on their play set and pouring sand down the big slide.



He finally started to play with the kids about 15 minutes before we had to leave.  A chasing game of course.




We also went to the nearby parks and saw a little waterfall,


and took a walk in the woods.



I also got together with an old friend and we took the Roc to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis. Have you noticed a waterfall theme on this trip yet?  The Roc is slightly obsessed with all things falling, especially water.



Before we left to fly back to the East Coast we spent an afternoon at my sister’s house.  The Grandparents played croquet with a couple of their grandchildren,


the Roc played on the playset with his cousin,



and Molly showed off her amazing dog trick.


The trip went by very quickly and it was strange to be sitting in my kitchen after I got home the same day I woke up in my childhood bedroom in Minnesota.   The Roc had more than a few moments that made me want to tear my hair out because of his sickness, the 2 different medications he was taking, the trip within a trip, etc.  But it was a fun trip nonetheless and I’m so glad I was able to see my family and friends and all these trips are learning experiences for the Roc.  Hopefully I’ll get GC to come back “home” with me so he can see “up north” for himself.  Maybe next year.

4 thoughts on “Minnesota In Pictures

  1. 2 extremes:
    1. I think the Roc has the most contagious smile EVER

    2. I don’t think I have EVER had ANY of my children “in hand.”

    looks like a great trip (despite the side trip to the hospital)

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time!! Roc must have loved all the waterfalls!! I wish you guys were coming this summer but I know I can’t be selfish!! I guess you can visit Aunt Sandy too;)

  3. Oh, I wish I could have seen you! It looks like you had a great time. Are your parents back in MN for the summer? Hope all is well.
    Love ya!

  4. What a great trip! Did the Roc go to the dance recital? We’ve never asked Jon to sit through any of Kate’s, but he’ll watch the video a bit at a time at home.

    We’re leaving for a mini-vaca tomorrow to Williamsburg, VA. First time we’ve stayed in a hotel with 2 kids – wish us luck!

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