Get Fit Day

Last Wednesday I was a parent volunteer for the “Get Fit Day” at the Roc’s school.  Again, I was nervous to see how the Roc would handle this huge change in his school routine.  I sent him to school on the bus to at least keep some familiarity to his day.  I actually arrived at the school before the bus, and while I was signing in at the office I saw the bus pull up.  The secretary was nice and let me stare out her windows to watch him enter school.  I stayed out of sight and when he was almost all the way down the hall I leaned out of the office door and snapped this photo.


Totally cute!  Apparently he walks in to school with her everyday like that.

The “Get Fit Day” was a program to promote fitness and get the kids moving.  The preschoolers participated in a bunch of different activities including the hot potato game, soccer,


and the big moon bounce, which the Roc saw as soon as we got onto the football field and was totally stuck on, and talked about while playing hot potato and soccer.  He couldn’t get in it fast enough, but was very good about waiting his turn (sometimes too good and kids would butt in line ahead of him-good thing Mommy was there to stand up for him!)


He totally shocked me by how much he was willing to climb.



The only activity he refused to participate in was the “ice skating” station.  He was at the end of the line so he had to wait for most of his class to go first and when it was finally his turn he was just “done.”  There were lots of kids from different classes around and one of the volunteers working the station tried to pick him up and put him on her hip to talk to him.  He was NOT happy about being picked up by a stranger and he went down hill from there, so I took him over to the playground where half the class already was.  They played for awhile and then went back inside for snack.

I have a hard time whenever I go to these school events.  I try not to compare, but I just can’t seem to stop myself and it pains me sometimes to see how different the Roc is from his classmates.  I always leave feeling slightly sick to my stomach with worry about the future.

What is even more painful is to see him want to play with his peers but not understand the rules of their games or get flat out rejected.  After snack the kids did “free play” and the Roc went over to two boys playing with soft blocks and asked “Do you want to build a HUGE tower with me?” to which one of the boys looked up and said “NO!” and the other completely ignored him.  My heart cracked a little as I watched the Roc sit down and play with the blocks by himself.  It made me so unbelievably sad for the Roc.  He’s come so far, yet he is still so far away from his classmates.

Now, more than a week later I’ve have had a time to think about the event, and I can come up with some positives about the day. The Roc kept telling me “this is different” while we were doing the activities on the field and when we were waiting for the ice skating, which is awesome using his words.  He tried most of the activities even though it was loud, hot, and very busy on the football field, lots of change and sensory overload, and he handled it.  He followed along with his classmates while they played on the playground.  He spontaneously asked a couple classmates to play with him at the block station and when they rejected him he didn’t throw a fit, or try to wreck what they were building.  All good things that a year ago I wondered if he would be able to do.

It was a nice event and I’m so glad the Roc was able to participate.  I’ve got to learn not to compare so much though.  The Roc is his own person and I am so proud of him.


2 thoughts on “Get Fit Day

  1. Aww, this made me cry a little. Been there, done that. I couldn’t help comparing Jon at his Kindergarten play (

    Jon’s 7, and I still compare him to his peers. But we keep with inclusion, because he wants to participate, and the peers are such amazing role models for him.

    Time does help, too. It’s impossible not to notice the differences – that would be called denial. But you appreciate the participation more, the effort that our guys put into it.

    It sounds like you are getting there quickly – hang in there. I’m glad he had a good day overall.

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