Farm Field Trip

Two Friday’s ago I went with the Roc’s preschool class to the farm on a field trip.  I try to go on the field trips even though I’m terribly nervous beforehand (so strange, I know) and very concerned about how the Roc will handle all the changes and handle himself.  His awesome preschool teacher made him a social story and we read it numerous times leading up to the field trip.  I really like social stories and feel that they prepare the Roc for what will happen, but there can be a downside to them too.

The field trip was canceled the first time around because of rain, so we had lots of extra time to read his “My Farm Trip” story.  Two weeks in fact.  In the story there is a line towards the end which says “The farmer will take us on a hay ride” which was supposed to happen the first time around, but didn’t happen when we actually went to the farm two weeks later.  The Roc LOVES to go on hay rides and that was what he was most looking forward to and talked about when we discussed this field trip.

Going on a hayride was also what he talked about DURING the field trip.  He talked about while we looked at the cows.



He talked about it while we watched some cows get milked, saw the big storage tank and milk tanker truck.  He talked about it while we saw all the baby cows (and the farmer said a few of them were to be shot soon…yikes).


It was near the pigs that his awesome preschool teacher heard him and mentioned to me that we were NOT actually going on a hayride this time, we would have on the date that we were rained out, but the tractor driver was too busy on the farm the day we were actually there.  Sigh.  I tried to explain to a very upset Roc that even though I told him we were going on a hayride, we were not.  He was not happy but I did get him to look at the pigs and horses with a bit of enthusiasm,



and then he was happy to ride the bus back to school.


In all it was a good field trip, way better than the first one of the school year, so even though he was stuck on the hayride that never happened, he was able to get over it and move on without throwing a complete tantrum.  And that’s something in of itself.


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