Computer Problems

I’ve been having lots of computer problems lately and my techi husband has convinced me that I should purchase a Mac mini.  I’m tired of not being able to use my computer and GC is a touch protective over his (I have to wash my hands before I can use his computer, and he watches me…seriously).  Sometime this week I’ll be back and I’ll post about the Roc’s farm field trip, the get fit day at school, and the other equally exciting things going on around here.


3 thoughts on “Computer Problems

  1. Having suffered through my own mess of computer problems (modem related) in the past few weeks, I feel your pain. Am looking forward to hearing how you like the Mac. I have always feared straying from the familiarity of the PC. How brave of you.

  2. I too am very familiar with the Mac….but I’ve been using Mac OS lately and I have to say I really like the way it works for general usage….which is exactly what my beautiful wife needs. I’m done playing Help Desk after I get off work 🙂

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