We’re back from the South…

We got back from South Carolina last night.  A looonnnngggg 10 hours in the car with the Roc.  He does pretty well on these long car rides and only said “Moommmiieeee” about 700 – 800 times.  Not joking.  I’ll take “Moommmiiieeeeeeeee” over screaming and tantrums any day.  We left super early last Wednesday (before 5 am!  ack!) and as soon as we got there the Roc started asking to go to the beach.

So we did.  It was sunny.  Sunny = Squinty


Later we went out to eat and all of us (except the Roc) had all you can eat shrimp.  YUM!


While the men were finishing up their beers my mother-in-law, the Roc, and I went outside to listen to the live music.  I wish I wouldn’t have stashed my camera in the car because the Roc grabbed his stuffed Horton elephant and sat on my lap grinning at the man playing the guitar on stage.  He was the only kid at the bar and he was clutching a stuffed animal.  Totally cute.  But I don’t have a picture.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

Before going back to the house we took a walk in Murrells Inlet.  It was windy.


GC tried to keep up his lifting regime while we were visiting.  We always eat lots of good food whenever we visit his family and this trip was no exception.  He wasn’t fond of my documenting it though.  Can you tell?


While we were in SC we got to see our new nephew, Anderson, who is totally adorable.  GC says he really wants another baby…



We’ll see on that one.  Anderson is pretty dang cute and I did get a little “baby fever” while holding him.


And he wasn’t fussy like the Roc was at the same age.  Here’s proof.  The Roc’s early tantruming days.


Though I do have to say that looking at this picture 4.5 years later I realize something…he’s wearing a fleece sleep sack…in August.  Maybe, just maybe, that attributed to his screaming in this particular instance…

Anyway, while we were invading my sister-in-laws house we tried to get a picture of the grandparents with all four of their grandchildren.  This is what happened.  The Roc did not want to sit on the couch so he stood in front of me, and I just got the top of his head.


We tried that one again.


We finally got the Roc to sit with the group by telling him to sit next to Annabella.  His favorite.  He LOVES her and followed her around all afternoon.  He was talking about seeing her on the car ride down and was so excited when we pulled into their driveway.


We also got a picture of Great-Grammy with all the grand kids.


I’m glad we took the time to get these shots.  I know they will be treasured.

We also took the Roc to Pawleys Island


and he had a blast.  Last August I had to literally carry him onto the beach.  He was terrified of the waves and he wasn’t too fond of the sand.  It was hot, it was windy, and he got stung by a jelly fish.  It was a looonnnnggg 10 days at the beach.  8 months later he walked onto the beach, walked far down to a tidal pool in fact, and was thrilled to get into the sand.




GC took a walk down to the ocean.


Which tired him out so he took a nap.


Auntie Andrea and baby Anderson even made it to the beach that day.



After the beach we hit the pool to wash off the sand.




Later GC gave his mother a Thai cooking lesson.  He loves that I took this picture…(catch that sarcasm?)


Before we left SC we went back to Huntington Beach State Park to walk on the beach.  The Roc even got over his fear of the waves a teeny, tiny bit to let go of my hand and RUN on the beach.





Overall the Roc did very well during this visit.  He had his moments and I had mine.  It’s sometimes hard to watch him struggle to interact and I tend to lose my cool more easily while on “vacation.”  It was nice to see him talking to his Nonna and Nonno more and very nice to hear about the positive changes they see in him.  He even gave what we call “real hugs” using his arms (instead of just leaning into the person) and that was so sweet to see.  I am so thrilled that he had fun at the beach this time around too.  We were so bummed last summer when we scheduled a 10 day visit and had a child who wanted nothing to do with the beach!  That’s progress.

Overall it was a very fun trip.  Short, but fun.


3 thoughts on “We’re back from the South…

  1. I am so glad you guys had a good time! Rocco was so cute!! I really enjoyed spending time playing with him and loved that he was talking to me while we played. He just amazes me each time I see him. I already miss you guys:( Give my sweet Rocco hugs and kisses and tell him the next time he is here I will build some “Christmas tree sand castles” with him!! Love you!

  2. Hey! We vacationed at Pawley’s Island last year. My sister lives in SC (Summerville) and we did a family vacay last year staying at a relative’s condo on Pawley’s Island.

    The Roc and Charlotte are quite opposite about the beach! Charlotte can’t get enough of the waves. Too much really so that she wears herself out. If you look in my archive for July of last year you’ll see some pictures from our time there.

    Glad you had a good time. It’s great to be around family who don’t get to see our kids as often and so for whom the progress is really noticeable.

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