Future Gamer

I have a feeling that the Roc is going to turn out to be a gamer just like his father.  Last night he discovered that he likes to play (on his knees) the Wii…






I have wondered for awhile if he would ever find the coordination to play and was thrilled to see him figure it out and have a good time with his father.  Something they can do together and bond over…and it gets them out of my hair!


3 thoughts on “Future Gamer

  1. Our PT/OT team LOVES the Wii.
    We’re thinking about it, but for now we’re sticking with Leapsters.

    (ps – easier to balance on his knees)


  2. Yay, Wii! It’s fabulous. I wish I’d never bought Mario Kart, though, because it’s the only thing C wants to play. I need to mandate an equal time on Mario Kart and Wii Sports rule, given the whole reason we bought the dumb thing was to work on gross motor skills!!!

    But I do love it. It’s seriously fun…

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