It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about lately, it’s just that I can’t seem to find the time to get it all out of my head and onto my blog.  I’ve got about six different drafts saved, from the diet our cats are on to my mounting anxiety concerning the Roc.   Here’s a little summary of stuff that’s been going on at our house lately, straight out of my head, so now you’ll see how much my mind jerks around at any given moment!  Here goes:

-The Roc had a horrid meltdown last week during riding lessons.  Another Mother (whose kids take “regular” riding lessons) I have never spoken too found me outside and said:  “Is that YOUR little boy riding in there?  He’s throwing a really big tantrum.  If that were my kid I’d want to be in there.”  Thanks lady.  It’s not that I don’t want to watch him ride (I really do), and that I’m so selfish I have to read (a book on Autism, imagine that) during a 30 minute riding lesson, it’s just that my KID acts out when I do watch.  And now apparently when I’m not watching too!  His instructor was leading (carrying/dragging) him from the barn as I raced over when he turned around and SMACKED her on the leg.  GAH!  I’ve never seen him HIT someone!  He doesn’t even hit ME (I totally jinxed myself there, I’m expecting a beat down today).  I was totally mortified at his behavior.  When we got home I emailed his awesome preschool teacher only to find out that, yup, he’s been hitting at school lately too.  Yikes.  What the heck?

-GC interviewed and got a new job!  The offer letter came in the mail yesterday.  He’s only going to be unemployed for about 2 weeks.  L-U-C-K-Y are we.  His last day of work at his current job will be sometime this week.  Whew!  We were both stressing about him getting laid off and feel so relieved that he has another job lined up.

-I had lots of anxiety last week about stuff that was happening on the bus (as well as finding out about the hitting).  The typical boy that sits next to the Roc is no longer wearing a harness (he’s 5 and they don’t have to wear them once they turn 5) seemed to be bothering him.  They were struggling with each other one day and the bus driver told me that he had to stop the bus and reprimand them.  At the end of the week we figured out that the Roc was pulling on this boy’s jacket and didn’t “get it” when this boy said to stop.  The Roc seems to think it’s a game and this boy was getting annoyed with him.  They were separated and now the Roc sits alone in a seat (directly behind the bus driver).  Totally fine with me.  He’s been asking to sit alone for about 2 weeks now.  Every time I would get on the bus to buckle the Roc into his seat that little boy would put his bag on the Roc’s side and said “No seat here!”  “He can’t sit here!”  Totally reminded me of Forrest Gump when none of the kids would let him sit with them and I wanted to push this little smiling 5 year old over.  I’m so nice.

-The bus stuff has me stressing about the fall when he is 5 and no longer needs a harness.  I know that he is going to need to have an assigned seat on the bus because there is no way that he will be able to defend himself when a kid says he “can’t sit here.”  I’m leaning towards asking for him to wear a harness so he feels safer, is safer, and always has a seat, but worried that it will set him apart from his peers and they will pick on him (I know, I know, they’re only 5, but I’ve seen 5 year old be mean!).  I wish we had special ed busing, but at the same time that would set him up to get teased in the future when kids start making cracks about the “short bus.”  I want to drive him so I know he’ll be safe, but I want him to have independence from me, he needs to learn it, and he likes to ride the bus.  Stress.

-I went to a “Romance” party on Friday night.  You know, one of those parties.  My sister knows what I’m talking about and I’m sure some of you know too.  I won’t go into too much detail because my mother reads my blog (and lots of other family too) but there are 2 things I should have done differently at this party.  1) I should have had MORE to drink and should have started as soon as I walked through the door, and 2) I shouldn’t have raised my hand when they asked if it was anyone’s first time at one of those parties…

-Speaking of people who read my blog, I’ve seen some funny ways people have come to find me and the most interesting is someone, or maybe multiple people since I’ve seen it a few times lately, with this same question:  “What looks good with Cowboy Boots?”  They find this post.

-The Roc has started to go “left right” up the stairs.  He needs to be reminded to and most of the time he’ll say “NO!” but I’ve seen him do it spontaneously this week.  Go gross motor skills! He also asked me for a real bike yesterday.

-I started lifting weights about a month ago and I have a teeny, tiny bit of definition in my bicep muscle.  I was so proud of myself I had to go and flex for GC the other night.  I have been running lately too.  It seems that working out is just about the only thing I can control in my life.  I cannot seem to control what I put in my mouth so at least the running and lifting is off setting all the junk I eat out of anxiety.

-I figured out that the fish sauce GC uses when he cooks Thai food makes me sick.  Not pleasant.

-After 8 weeks of social skills group the Roc has settled into the routine, for the most part.  On Monday he was noted to have lots of energy, referred to himself in 1st person (he usually speaks in 3rd), initiated sharing with his friends, and he earned enough good behavior tickets to get a prize from the prize box.  More crayons! Score!  I forked over more money for the next 8 weeks.  Ouch.

-One thing (among many) that drives me nuts is the way the Roc is so back and forth on things.  A while back I mentioned that he was eating shrimp (wow!) and seemed to be getting over his intense anxiety about other people while out in public.  We are back to NO shrimp on his plate and lots and lots of anxiety about people while out at stores, the park, the playground, the fitness center, the mall, basically every where there are other people walking…the Roc is worried about them touching him.  He was able to get that across to me by saying “She’s not going to touch you on the back” in a very worried voice while looking back over his shoulder at a lady running while we were walking to the playground.  Ack!  How do I aleve this anxiety about people?

-He is back to eating eggs in the morning.  Our month run of pancakes for breakfast every.single.day is over.  That’s something I guess.

-The gray spot on the back of my head is getting bigger.  After reading this far (if you’re still reading) you can see why right?!  Someone recently asked me how I get my hair “so shiny like an Asian person”  and I promptly asked if she meant my brown hair or the large amount of gray hair on the back of my head.  I probably should stop alerting people to the fact that I have all that gray hair, you can’t see it from the front, maybe I should always keep my back to the wall.  The answer to her question was Aveda.  Love that hair stuff.

-We put all our cats (4, yikes!) on a diet.  My 30 lb cat is now down to a slimmer 25.5 lbs.  He’s slightly agressive and annoying now.  They get fed twice a day and about 2 hours before their scheduled feeding time he tries to trip me, I guess to remind me that he’s around and I need to feed him.  Or else he’s trying to kill me.  He also climbs on me while I’m sleeping, pulls my hair, and MEOWS in my face in the early morning hours.  I figured out that the slinky is his kryptonite and I always make sure I bring it to bed with me.  We are saving lots of money on cat food and he’s starting to look more like a cat and less like jabba the hut.

-I got the summer school letter and the Roc will be going from 8:45 am – 3:15 pm, Mon-Thurs, June 24 – July 29th!  That’s the WHOLE DAY! for FIVE WEEKS!  The first thing GC said was “Now you won’t be able to complain about not having enough time to yourself”  I guess not.

-I’m accompanying the Roc on the farm field trip this Friday and his awesome preschool teacher made a social story for us which we have been reading.  A line in the book says “There will be no screaming at the farm.  Screaming scares the farm animals and that is dangerous.”  Of course, now the Roc says “I’m going to scream at the farm.”  Wonderful.  I’m preparing to look like the worst mother on the planet.  Get my plaque ready, and my tiara.  Oh, and I’d like a pink sash this time.

-On Friday we have the meeting to discuss whether or not the Roc meets the criteria for the educational label of Autism.  If he does then he would be able to attend the Delaware Autism Program (DAP).  I have so many mixed feelings on this subject.  All of his doctors have said that he needs to be mainstreamed with typical children, not at DAP where he would be with other children like him and only mainstreamed for things like lunch and gym.  He has come so far since starting preschool and I think some of that has to do with modeling off his typical peers.  I am split 50/50 on whether I think they are going to give him the label.  He behaved terribly (I think) at their evaluation, but then his awesome preschool teacher said that he had a pretty good day when they did the classroom observation.  They got to see him interacting with his peers, asking and answering questions during lesson time, basically participating in the regular classroom.  If he doesn’t fit DAP’s criteria then I won’t have to make any decisions so I’m trying to wait until Friday to see what they say.

-And lastly the Roc BIT a teacher yesterday.  Oh. My. God.  I read the email after watching the Devils lose to the Hurricanes in the last 2 minutes of game 7, so I was already a little down.  But to find out that he put his teeth on the para was so upsetting.  They said he was put in time out, got a stern talking to from both of the teachers, lost privileges for the rest of the day and some for today too, and that he seemed to grasp the idea that he “crossed a line.”  I find it interesting that he didn’t tell on himself as soon as he got home.  He usually does as soon as he gets off the bus or when I pick him up from social skills group (another place he started to hit the teachers).  I’m at a loss there.  It’s also interesting that he doesn’t hit or bite ME.  What the heck?

Whew.  I’m done.  For now.

Are you still reading?  You are?  That probably means that we are related.  Eveyone else checked out after the first couple paragraphs!

Now I can go delete all those drafts that only have a few lines.

And eat some chocolate.


8 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Wow Kimmie…You are an awesome Mom. Don’t let that “lady” at the riding lessons get to you. We can take her out….:-) I know totally not grown up of me but then again I do remember us making funny faces at kids when they looked at us….ah some things never change!

  2. Hey Girl….well I am not related and read the entire thing! I LOVE YA like family though. So proud of you in so many ways……just keep up the good work, as a wife, mom, friend, workout queen. You go girl!!! Had to laugh about the romance party….now you know, never admit that it is your first party : )

  3. Are you sure that you don’t live in my head? I have many of the same concerns these days. Too bad we couldn’t get together for a drink. 🙂

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