A Few Words Wednesday

Last night the Roc and I got to the riding center a few minutes early and I got to talking to the mom whose son rides before mine.  One thing led to another (very quickly) and we started talking about our son’s diagnosis.  Turns out her 14 year old son is also on the spectrum.   She went on to tell me that at 7.5 years old he was non verbal and now at 14 he has Aspergers.  The love and pride in her eyes while she talked about her boy warmed my insides.  We went on to talk about the work and the struggles these kids face and how being their moms has changed everything in a way that only we can understand.  She put her hand on my arm before she left and said I had an amazing little boy who is well on his way.  I felt lighter after talking with her for only 5 minutes and as she and her son left the barn I tucked a nugget of hope up under my ribs, right next to my heart.

When the Roc was done riding his instructor said it was his best lesson in a couple months.  He didn’t fight her, he listened, he was focused, and he followed directions.  He did his best.  That nugget of hope got a little bigger and I carried it home.

Today while uploading pictures from the camera onto the computer I came across this photograph and had to stop and stare.


It’s not perfect and it doesn’t show off his big grin and cute dimples, but I see so much in this one photo of my beautiful son.

I’m so proud to be his mommy.


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