Spring Break….is it over yet?

We are a few days into the Roc’s “spring break” and I’m already looking forward to next week when school starts again!  I’m terrible.  I know.  I can’t help it.  It’s just so hard to spend all my time entertaining the Roc.  He doesn’t play on his own and by the end of the day I’m really done playing.  The only time I can sneak away is when I put him in front of the TV and then I feel guilty.

He was off last Friday and by the afternoon I was knocking on my neighbors door asking if she wanted to join me for dinner and a margarita at the Mexican place across the street when my husband got home from work.  She did and I had two margaritas.  Now after two more days with the Roc I’m about to ask my other friend if she wants to come down and have dinner and margarita with me.  What kind of mother needs to drink to get through spring break?

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one!

Besides sneaking out at night for margaritas I have been trying to keep the Roc busy.  We got a “bouncy house” on sale and the Roc has been jumping when the weather has allowed.





We dyed eggs for Easter.




And the Easter Bunny brought the Roc a present instead of candy.  (yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper…pretty lame Easter Bunny!)



Yesterday it was sunny so we spent the whole afternoon outside and I forced taught the Roc to pedal his tricycle.  Back in October he figured out how to steer and it made pushing this so much easier.


But I still had to push and remind him to watch where he was going, and lately I’ve been pretty sick of pushing this thing.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to outgrow it soon so I thought it might be a good time to force teach him to pedal it on his own.  Plus, my sister was just telling me the other day how my nephew rode his trike 3 MILES, and yesterday when we left for the playground we ran into a neighbor whose 2 year old was riding a bike (with training wheels, but still!)  I looked down at the Roc and figured now was as good a time as any.  Nothing like a little comparison to kick my butt into gear to force teach the Roc a new skill.

It wasn’t easy.  In fact it took us 30 minutes to get past the retention pond we can see from the back door.  The Roc was not happy with my decision to force teach him to pedal.  I was repeating lots of encouraging phrases like: “you can do it!”  “keep it up!”  “good job!”  “left, right!”  “let’s go!”  “you’re a big boy now!”  “wow!”

The whole time I cheer-leaded he swung his arms, kicked his feet, and SCREAMED!  He kept saying “I can’t do it!!!!!”  “NOOOOOOOOOO!”  “ARGRRRRGUHHHGGGGG!”  It was entertaining to say the least, though I don’t know what any of my neighbors thought.

I then told him that “I am such a terrible mother”  a  “mean Mommy making him ride a tricycle like all the other little kids”  to which he screamed “NOO, a GOOD MOMMY!”  “ARRRRGGGGUUUUGHGHH!!”

Sounds fun right?

We made it to the first playground in just under an hour (it takes about 5 minutes to walk there…I’m serious).  I made a big deal about how he was learning to ride and pushed him on the swings for a long time (his favorite).  He played on the playground for a while and then I decided we were going to head to the next playground in a neighboring neighborhood.  He did a bit better and used his feet, and again it took us a long time to get there, with many stops for screams of “I can’t do IT!”  He got to swing there and then played on the playground again.  He wasn’t too happy when we left and I (gasp!) made him ride the trike back home.  He did pedal and he did scream and throw a few tantrums and it did take us almost an hour to get back but, he did it!

I told GC about our day when he got home and during dinner GC asked the Roc if he learned to pedal his trike and the Roc’s face split into the biggest grin when he said “YES!”  So cute.  I asked him if he wanted to show Daddy on the sidewalk and he again very enthusiastically said “YES!”  I should have brought my camera outside because he was so proud of himself when he pedaled away (very slowly) down the sidewalk.  He kept looking back over his shoulder with a big smile to see if we were watching.  So I guess my sunburn, the tantrums, the screaming, and the snail walking yesterday were worth it.

It’s raining today and the Roc’s watching TV while I type this.  He’s already been in time out a few times and had to go up to his room once.  We don’t have any plans for today and it’s only 10 am.  I think it’s going to be a lonnnggg day and I might just have to break out the blender and make myself a margarita for with lunch.

As GC left for work I jokingly asked him while the Roc was screaming in time-out: “don’t you wish you were me?”

His reply:  “Nope, not at all” and he walked out the door.

Only 146 hours until the bus comes next Monday….


6 thoughts on “Spring Break….is it over yet?

  1. It was definitely a long week for us last week. My husband took Friday off, so we had that to look forward to. And I arranged a playdate one day and a visit to my Mom’s another day. I think I have it a wee bit easier since I have two and they play together pretty well, giving me a break.

    As for the pedaling – I totally get where you are coming from! Charlotte now has a big girl bike with training wheels. And she pedals soooooo slooooooooooooow. Oh my! But she wants to ride all the time now (last year, not so much) so I figure the more practice she gets, the better she’ll be.

    And I’m teaching Sarah how to pedal too. It’s exhausting!

  2. sorry to laugh through reading your post!!! You are not the only mom who needs margaritas : )
    Yeah for Roc! Obviously it was worth it if he was that excited to show his Daddy. And a sunburn??…totally worth the extra time!!!

  3. I’m SO with you on the margaritas, and the TV. But we have enough to feel guilty about, so give yourself a break, friend! I know, easy for me to say….I’m exactly the same way.

    And GEOTRAX! Yippee! As you know, that’s our favorite thing around here. Wish you guys could come over and play!

    Hang in there!

  4. GeoTrax! Huzzah! Who cares about the Christmas wrap?

    And the bounce house? Oh.my. I’ll take four, please.

    Hope the week passes quickly and quietly for you.


  5. Way to go for having the persistence to teach Roc to pedal-not sure I would have survived that. Sounds like you had a long walk. You deserve every margarita you can get your hands on! Oh, and whoever invented bounce houses deserves a margarita, too!!!

  6. I’m with Hilary on this one…….I’m laughing too! Sorry!! Yes, Matthew has been doing a lot of trike riding, and he loves to trike up to the park and then just trike around and around and around the tennis court while I wait. Until he fell last week after we spoke. He couldn’t make it back. And I had the dog with me. I had to call my neighbor to come get us all (and I don’t normally bring my cell phone on walks). Too bad you don’t like wine – it’s a lot easier than making a margarita!

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