Train Ride

We took the Roc on a train ride on Sunday with Autism Delaware.  A neat and unique experience to be in a place where everyone had a child on the spectrum.  No one stared, no one glared, no one sighed with disgust, and no one bated an eye at odd noises or sudden screeches.  Lots of smiles and understanding.  It was so nice to be at an event like that.  I felt at ease like I never do while in public.

The Roc was very excited to go on this train ride and kept saying that we were going to New York City.  I hoped he wouldn’t be too disappointed when he figured out that we were just trekking through the woods and backyards of northern Delaware at a mere 8 miles per hour.  He was delighted to be on the train and actually behaved pretty well, only a few minor outbursts–he is one of the loudest kids I know and doesn’t really have an “inside voice.”



The Roc had a great time and I felt very relaxed – until the  scary Easter Bunny came into our train car!  The Roc did not like the scary Easter bunny, and I don’t blame him, this was not your mall Easter bunny (those are kinda scary too).  He hid behind me while keeping his eye on the bunny when it came our way.  They were photographing children and families with the scary Easter bunny and I waved the lady (and bunny) by.  I could tell by the look of terror on the Roc’s face that making him pose for a picture with the scary Easter bunny would not be a good memory of our train ride.  Maybe next year.  He did well on Santa’s lap this year, so you never know.


5 thoughts on “Train Ride

  1. I remember being freaked out by the mesh mouth-hole on the mall Easter bunny. Now that I think about it, it WAS a little Hannibal Lector-esque.

    We love slow train rides, but they make mama kind of sleepy.


  2. I love those rare outings among people who “get it”. It’s a liberating thing to be able to let down your guard and relax in public.

    Great photos. Great memories. Nixing the Bunny photo op…priceless.

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