Sidewalk + Teeth = Trip to the Dentist

I’ll be posting about my “mental health weekend” soon.  I meant to write about it today but have been a bit too busy dealing with the aftermath of a little accident the Roc had this morning.

My neighbor was watching him for me while I went to a parent interview at a school here in Delaware that teaches only children with Autism (I’ll post about that another time, after we know the outcome of all the evaluations) and he fell on the pavement without bracing himself.  His mouth smashed into the ground causing a lot of screaming, a lot of blood, and two loose front teeth.  My poor neighbor had to listen to the Roc scream like a banshee and mop up the blood.  She was choked up when she called me and I felt bad for her, she sounded so upset.  We got through the parent interview and I rushed back home to get him.

The Roc was a sorry sight when I picked him up.  Huge lip, bloody and scrapped up face and nose, bloody teeth, and not too happy.  I gave him a big dose of Motrin and then I called our regular dentist in town and requested to bring the Roc in.  The dentist examined him and thought that because they were so wiggly, the two front teeth might be cracked up high and would need to be extracted.  He said we should go to a pediatric dentist.  Back home again to look up pediatric dentists in our plan.  Called one and left a message, which was annoying, why can’t you get through to real, live people anymore?  I called another office, talked to a real, live person and they said I could bring him in right away.  Right at the end of our conversation I told her that he has Autism.

We drove up to the second dentist, filled out a bunch of paperwork and then waited around.  The Roc wasn’t too happy with this new place.  He just doesn’t seem to like the kiddy establishments.   Too much color on the walls, too much noise, too many kids, too much motion, etc.  They allowed us to wait in a different area when I said I was going to have to take him outside.  I went back to the exam area with him and they put him in a room with a door, which was very smart of them, keep the screams contained!  He sat on my lap while I did the bear hug maneuver and they took the x-rays.  Based off the x-rays the new dentist didn’t see any cracks and thought that the teeth would tighten up in about a week. She did say they could abcess in the future and would have to be removed if that happens.  In the meantime he is to rest those teeth (is that even possible for him?) and I’m to keep him on Motrin and have him eat soft foods.

Whew!  What a day.  I’m just so glad she didn’t take his two front teeth out today.  I was pretty worried about what the aftermath of that might be!  I can’t even imagine.  At least this happened after my weekend away.  I’m pretty sure I would have had some sort of breakdown if this would have happened last week!

It’s never a dull moment around here.

6 thoughts on “Sidewalk + Teeth = Trip to the Dentist

  1. The teeth will tighten up again? Ah, the wonders of the human body never cease to amaze me.

    Am looking forward to your posts on the vacation and the autism parent interview!

  2. Anything to do with teeth makes me wince. My son also smashed one of his front teeth but as they’re still his baby teeth it did tighten up. Lets hope next week is better.

  3. Poor thing! If it makes you feel any better Leah is in the process of losing teeth and one day they are loose and the next day they are tight again. I did ask my dentist about it and they said that is normal. So hopefully his will tighten back up and not have any issues! Cannot wait to hear about your weekend away…..and GC’s!!! : )

  4. Wow. Poor boy.

    A look into the future–you might want to start getting some books on losing teeth to help prepare him for that change in life (unless it would make him too anxious now?)

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