At the Root of the Screaming

Things got quieter at our house the last few days.  Tuesday was the worst day of the screaming.  The Roc went to time out over and over and over and maybe it sunk in.  Who knows?  Or was it the fact that I realized his diet was a bit wacky this week and that I switched up his enzyme and added some pro-biotic?  Or the fact that by the end of the week he had a cold?  All of those things?  This week has been up and down (mostly down) for the Roc.

I do know that I want to get to the root of the screaming because I believe that every behavior happens for a reason.  At this time the Roc does not have the ability to explain himself and we are reading lots of books about feelings.  I know that he cannot communicate what he is feeling and I think the resulting behavior has a lot to do with that.  I went back over the Roc’s food log to see what has been happening this last week and I realized that in my zest for better health for the Roc I changed a lot of little things at once, and all those changes could have affected his behavior.

The Roc has been corn-free for months and has been begging for corn at dinner-time and also for a cereal with corn in it.  On Monday after school I gave in and let him have the cereal made with corn and he also had some corn with dinner.  The result of ingesting all that corn could have produced all the screaming on Tuesday.  I’m not sure because I also changed some other things in his diet this week.  Pretty stupid of me.

I few weeks ago I started the Roc on some enzymes to help him properly digest his food and try to get him to “go” more.  It has really seemed to help and as the next step in his “enzyme therapy” I decided to switch out two bottles of enzymes for one all-around enzyme formula.  Well, without realizing it, I picked the most potent formula that has pro-biotics added to the mix.  The Roc has never had any pro-biotics and his behavior this week definitely could have resulted from a die-off reaction.  He is frequently constipated and most likely has an overgrowth of bad bacteria in his gut.  The probiotics in the enzyme cause the bad bacteria to die off and when they die-off they release toxins that the body then has to clear out.  Not fun for the Roc.

I had a feeling this enzyme might be doing something to him so I ramped down the dosage with each meal.  I should have stopped there and waited to see if he would even himself out, but I didn’t.  Again, pretty stupid of me.  I decided to give him a little bit of the pro-biotics I’ve had in the fridge because I knew he just had to have an over growth of bad stuff growing in his gut.  At this point I still hadn’t realized that the new enzyme HAS pro-biotic in it.  Duh! So, on Thursday I gave him a 1/4 tsp of the pro-biotic at the end of his lunch.  And he cried the whole day at school, completely abnormal.

But, to throw another curve into the mix, the Roc came home on Thursday with a runny nose and a cough.  He had an asthma attack that night and now has a cold.  So his behavior this week could also have been him getting sick.  It could have been all those things combined.  Argh!

I pulled everything out his diet yesterday and he had a good day at home and at school.  I’m going back to the store to replenish the original two bottles of enzymes and am going to start over.  I think I may wait until spring break to try the pro-biotic in case he has another die-off reaction.

This week was exhausting and after talking to some of my other friends with special kids it seems that crazy behavior is not just happening in our house.  Is it the time-change, the change of seasons and our crazy up and down weather lately, or did the full moon this week have any affect?  Who knows?  I do know that by the end of the week I was wondering if mommies of typical kids know just how lucky they are?  Do they think about all the things they feed their children?  Do they worry about intestinal permeability and phenols?  Magnesium levels?  Do they realize what it would be like to log their child’s food intake, bowel movements and resulting behaviors?  Do they worry about CORN?!  Do they rush to their children with a nebulizer when they can’t breathe and then spend the rest of the night “sleeping” with them to make sure they keep breathing through the night? Do they cringe when they read about their child’s behavior in teacher emails?  Do they prepare to fight for OT, ST, PT?

I don’t think they do, and I don’t blame them because I know that I didn’t, until the tables were turned.  Some days I just really wish that I could go back to that ignorance.

2 thoughts on “At the Root of the Screaming

  1. I vote full moon!

    Actually we have seen similar strange behaviors from eating peanuts … there is definitely something to all that.

    For your sake, I’m glad things are quieter!

  2. Sometimes I think that the analyzing and paperwork are more overwhelming to me than the lack of sleep. Either way, it’s very hard trying to balance it all out and figure out what’s working.


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