He Remembered!

On Monday night as I was putting the Roc to bed I told him that he didn’t have to wait for me to come and get him when he woke up in the morning.  Instead, I told him, when he woke up he could come downstairs to our bedroom and find me.  Periodically I tell him this, but he either never remembers in the morning or is too scared to come out of his room.  I’ve never been sure which.  I have even wondered if he understood what I was saying to him because of the struggles he has with receptive and expressive language.

On Tuesday morning I was checking my email (what? doesn’t everyone check their email first thing, even before they pee, in the morning?!) and as I stared groggily at the screen a little voice piped up next to me with “Hi!!”  I swung around and gasped when I saw him!  He has never, ever come out of his room on his own in the morning.  I was so excited!

This means he did understand what I said!  and he remembered!  It sunk in and he tried something without being prompted!

I wondered if this was a fluke incident and I went to a biomedical support group meeting last night so I wasn’t home to put him to bed.  I didn’t get the chance to remind him that he was allowed to leave his room in the morning upon awakening.

This morning as I was on my way to the basement to feed the cats (I had already checked my email and peed) there was a little person walking towards me down the hall!

The Roc!  Awesome!

This really did sink in.  Finally.

I see this as another step up that independence ladder.  It’s a small step.  But baby steps are find with me.


8 thoughts on “He Remembered!

  1. Aw, that’s awesome! My little guy does the same thing as what Roc usually does: he sits in bed and waits until one of us goes to get him. Of course, he’s not patient about it! He screams and yells like a banshee!

  2. Yay Roc! My son Rocky was exactly the same; we had to write a social story called “I can get out of bed all by myself”, and it still took him forever to make that “baby step” out of his room.

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