We got back from our “vacation” last night and I still cannot get over how fast it went and that we are already back home.  My Mom said you know you had a good time when you aren’t ready to go home.  She’s right.  Neither GC nor I was really excited to go back home.  It was nice to sleep in our own bed last night but I already miss the warm air, blue skies, cactus, and the mountain views…sigh.  We had a blast and the Roc really enjoyed himself in Arizona.  Take a peek.

On Wednesday we went to Saguaro National Park and walked around a bit.  I didn’t find the cactus from last year that apparently looks as if it’s “flippin the bird” but the views were pretty nice,



and we did see some big saguaro’s,


some prickly pear cactus,


and what appears to be snow on a flower.  We got to AZ the day after it snowed and were there during the coldest week of the winter so far (60s brrr!).


I gave half the paparazzi duties to GC on this trip and he caught my parents in a photo while hiking (I even appear in some photos on this trip. gasp!)


On Thursday we went to Sabino Canyon.  It’s a long hike so the Roc rode in his stroller.  He doesn’t really fit in it anymore and we know this is probably the last trip we will be using it.  Sigh.  That thing is so good at containing him and he feels safe in it.  We did hike the whole 7.4 miles instead of wussing out and taking the tram (which we’ll have to do next year because of the stroller issue).  It was a gorgeous day and we had a lot of fun (and GC and I got sunburned. ouch.)




We found a really nice spot for a picnic lunch,


and for the Roc to throw rocks and see some little waterfalls (his favorite).




On Friday we went to the desert museum.  We stopped at the other Saguaro National Park for a picnic lunch and some giggling.



When we got to the museum my parents decided to sign up for an annual pass.  While they were filling out the necessary forms the Roc decided to ride a javelina.


GC thought it looked like fun so he tried it out too…they don’t go very fast.

dscf0082We saw lots of cool stuff there.  Mountain lion,




We tried tried to take a family picture but the Roc was busy running these ramps.


So we got these two pictures instead.



Before we left we visited the bird area where GC found a bird he liked…but who didn’t like him back. (Yup, that’s a size 4T sweatshirt my husband is wearing.  Nice huh?)


We also went into the hummingbird enclosure, a bird that always makes me think of my mother-in-law who loves them.


On Saturday we took the Roc to the neighborhood playground where again I caught him going down a tunnel slide!


After lunch we headed over to Agua Caliente Park to walk around.



The Roc just loved sprinting down the trails away from us.  He always stopped and waited for us to catch up before racing off again.



On Sunday we went downtown to a wonderful Mexican restaurant where my father tried to see if he could eat more than my husband (who is an “eating machine”)


He ended up taking more than half home!  After eating we took the Roc to see some fountains.


He didn’t sit still for long and soon enough GC was chasing him around so he didn’t fall in the water,


which caused him to get really silly and GC to get a little annoyed.





On Monday I finally got outside to snap a few photos of the guys playing tennis.




After lunch we went back to Saguaro East and took a hike.  The Roc loved this hike because we climbed up and up and up.  I was calling him my little mountain goat.  We had to keep telling him to slow down!



When he finally started to slow down we stopped for a rest,


and looked out at the view.


He did do some complaining on the way back down but we were all surprised at how far he hiked and how far we went UP.

We flew back East yesterday and after a delayed first flight, re-booked second flight, 2.5 hour layover, 45 minutes sitting at the gate while on the plane because of a mechanical problem, and sitting in evening rush hour… we arrived home.  Sigh.

It was a great trip.  The Roc had his moments, not wanting Grandma to sit by him in the truck, some tantrums, and a lovely screaming outburst in the Dallas airport (there’s nothing like 50 heads swiveling in your direction to make you feel like a great parent!) but overall he was good.  He just loves to be outside and to keep moving.  GC loved Arizona and didn’t have to take his asthma medication once.  He even went running with me and didn’t use his inhaler.  He has decided that we need to move to an area like that.  With his layoff coming in May we just might take that chance.  We’ll see.

*** edited to add:  I’ve been getting some emails about moving to AZ.  We aren’t thinking of moving to AZ.  We are still continuing our ongoing debate about MN vs. CO.   GC just got another vote in for CO since he could breathe there without asthma meds just like he could in AZ.  The debate continues…

4 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Kim!!! It looks like you had so much fun. Would you really think of moving to AZ? I understand that being close to your folks would be great and if GC has asthma South Carolina wouldn’t be a great choice. Is your sister Kathy still living in MN? It looks like Roc had a great time. This trip went much better for you all. We are going to San Diego in June and I am sooooo looking forward to it. Taking my Mom on her first flight. Well it all looks like it went awesome! Talk to you soon-Candi

  2. I am so glad that you guys had a fun time!!!!! I love the picture of GC giving the camera ‘the look’ while holding Rocco. I think I remember seeing that look while we were out there.
    I was just going to e-mail you tonight to see if you were back yet……this answered that question!
    Well we haven’t been to AZ yet so if you move there you know we will come visit!

  3. What a great trip! Great pics!

    And, being a Colorado native and now an Arizona transplant, I can tell you, GO COLORADO. There is no place more fabulous than that. And no big bugs like MN. If you can stand the snow (which you obviously can given your two choices), Colorado is the best. I wish we could go back. Someday…

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